The Pack class: tested

20 April 2017 by
First published: 28 June 2016

If you like cycling, read on for our review on Virgin Active’s latest timetable addition. Here’s The Pack class: tested.

Ever feel that rush of competiveness when someone is on the treadmill next to you? (Yes we are racing, it’s on!) Well big news for you, because thanks to The Pack, you can now embrace your Victoria Pendleton ego by cycling your way to victory through a variety of high interval challenges.

It’s time to ditch that tedious spin class for something new! And all-new group cycle class The Pack may be the answer. However, it isn’t just any average spin class, oh no we are talking fun colour-coded uniform, the hottest workout mix and a high-spirited, motivated atmosphere.

Feeling up for the challenge? Here’s what being a contestant of the pact means and what it can do for you. Warning: your weekly spin class at the gym may never be the same after reading this…

The outcome of the group cycle session includes three teams competing through virtual assortments, to win the longest distance travelled overall from the class. Putting the pedal to the medal, you will ride through challenges such as ‘Hold The Line’, where a steady rpm is crucial, ‘Sumo’ for your group’s strength and the hardest to finish ‘Big Burnout’, so expect a pair of very tired legs!

With the latest IC7 bike technology fully connected to each individual’s bike, your pack experience is like no other, plus it’s powered by the latest innovations. This means your data is stored on a super-smart system where you can track your team’s progress on the big screen, as well as your own personal data displayed on the bike’s console. What’s even better is the banging sound system and lighting that powers you on.

The lights, camera and action montage may feel a bit too much and you can’t help but wonder if you are actually inside a nightclub instead of a spin studio. However once inside, the intimidation of it all is greeted by the friendly reassurance from the instructors, who guide you with any adjustments to your bike. The dynamic energy given off from the instructor bounces off the walls – so that every single rider is pushing their ability to pedal faster and increase their incline.

You can rest assured that it isn’t going to be an easy ride. Even though you are most likely going to be pushed to your maximum effort 80 per cent of the time, what makes The Pact enjoyable is the satisfaction of hard earned achievement and being part of a motivated team. Because no matter if it’s at work in the office, at home or even at the gym, what’s really important to remember is that strong teamwork supports a more empowered way of working. The Pack emphasises this by creating an engagement of cycling as a whole rather an individual, that way no one rides alone.

Dale, the brains behind The Packs software program, described his experience as: ‘the highest energy class I’ve ever done, and it was great to feel part of a team.’ Tempted much? He also says: ‘the class is perfect for someone with a competitive streak who wants to work hard and really feel the benefits.’

Do you fit the appropriate description? Find out which local clubs near you can offer this exciting new group cycling sensation at, and book your spot!

Now it’s time to pedal to that medal, as The Pack is waiting for you!