In the swim

1 July 2014 by
First published: 10 July 2014

New research suggests swimming is the key to increased happiness. We think it’s time to dig out the goggles and get in the swim!

When did you last hit the pool? Swimming is a great way to get outdoors, embrace the sunshine and create that holiday feel without the expensive price tag! Despite this, swimming is often overlooked when it comes to fitness, but now, a new study has revealed that not only is it incredibly good for us physically, swimming can actually boost happiness levels! The study, from BritishGas Swim, conducted by Mindlab International, found swimming has multiple benefits, from better quality sleep to increased fitness levels. Here are our top 5 reasons to take a dip today!

1. Positivity
We’re already massive fans of swimming, but now we’ve got science to back up our theory that it’s a mood-boosting fun-fest. According to the study, just a few laps a week could see your wellbeing levels increase by 20% after just one week!

2. Sleep
The stresses of our day-to-day lives can play havoc with our sleeping patters, but swimming may help ease the daily grind and make you sleep better. The study found that those who swam more than 2.5 hours a week reported that their levels of sleep quality more than doubled (60%).

3. Fitness
Need to mix up your workouts to stay motivated? Swimming is a great alternative to the gym. For techno lovers and gadget geeks, why not try the SwimBritain app, free to download from for Apple or Android. It’s been designed for people getting involved in the British Gas SwimBritain relay but is a great tool for anyone, offering training plans, a pool finder and tons of swimming tips.

4. Calorie burn
Don’t be fooled into thinking swimming isn’t a ‘proper‘ workout. The resistance of the water makes it feel easier, but you may be surprised to know that half an hour’s fast front crawl could see you torch up to 404 calories – running for half an hour at 8mph burns just one calorie more! Unlike running, which stresses joints from all the pavement pounding, swimming is much kinder to your body. Check out the Swimfit calorie cruncher to see how your stroke measures up.

5. Full-body workout
Swimming offers a different challenge to land-based sports, but effectively doing a combination of strokes will provide you with a full-body workout.