Here comes the sun: Speedy summer-body workout

27 May 2014 by
First published: 27 May 2014

Summer is just around the corner. And – if the sun ever pokes its head out – you’ll want to embrace summer dresses, short shorts and vest tops with open arms. So, to make sure you’re looking your very best when the temperature rises, we asked the boys at hot new studio Project Fit for a speedy summer-body workout you can do at home.


First things first, you need to warm up. ‘As with any workout it is vital to warm up and as this is an intense at-home workout we are going to build the warm up into our workout,’ says co-owner and head trainer of Project Fit Joel. ‘The idea of this workout is that you move seamlessly from one exercise to the next with little break until the entire circuit is finished. After each full complete circuit you take 1-minute’s rest.’ This helps to keep the intensity high and your calorie burn right up there. ‘You will burn loads of calories if you do this workout correctly – and if you work at the right intensity. And the right intensity is as hard as you can!’ says Joel. Sounds great to us!



The warm-up

Jogging on the spot – 1 min

Star jumps – 1 min

High knees running on the spot – 1 min

Standing punches – 1 min


The workout


How to do it:

Repeat 4 times in total and rest for 15 seconds between exercises


Round one: 1 minute per exercise

Round two: 50 seconds per exercise

Round three: 40 seconds per exercise

Round four: 30 seconds per exercise



Let’s get started…

Exercise 1: Squats

Standing feet shoulder-width apart. Pulling your belly button into your back. Bend at the knees taking your bottom back as low as possible, keeping your heels on the floor.  Push up through your heels, squeeze your butt on the way up and return to the start position and repeat.


Exercise 2: Squat thrusts

Start in a high plank position, shoulders over hands and feet hip-width apart on the floor. Feet hip width apart and jump your knees up to your elbows and return to your start position as many times as possible.


Exercise 3: Press-ups

Remaining in the position as above.  Take your hands just wider than shoulder width. Bend at the elbows to get your chest down low and press back up to the start position. This exercise can be performed on the knees, if so ensure your hips are sinking down low.


Exercise 4: Elbow plank

Remain in the same position as above.  Move down to support your body weight through your forearms and elbows. Your body remains in a strong straight line. Squeeze your belly button into your back and hold.


Exercise 5: Squat jacks

Perform a squat as explained above. However as you come up through your squat jump your feet together then immediately jump feet back to start position, go down into a squat and repeat.


Exercise 6: Burpees

Down into a press-up position. Without performing a press-up. Jump your feet into your knees, stand up, jump up into the air then back to your start position to repeat.


This is a fantastic workout to help you shape up for summer. Good luck!



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