Slim down with Nordic walking

25 July 2014 by
First published: 29 July 2014

Looking for a safe workout with speedy results? Give Nordic walking a try


Everyone knows that walking is good for you – we’re constantly being told to ditch the car to travel by foot, take the stairs instead of the lift and so on. It’s especially recommended to those who find running too high impact on their knees, but even we can admit that it can get a little tedious at times.


If you want to get into shape, boost health or just get active, Nordic walking is a great option for those who walk as a form of exercise, but just want to spice it up a little. ‘Nordic walking is a simple way to exercise the whole body and can be easily fitted into a hectic lifestyle,’ says Gill Stewart, author of The Complete Guide to Nordic Walking. ‘It provides effective calorie burning, tones the arms and legs and improves posture. It’s also great for stress, easy on the joints and beneficial for conditions like osteoporosis.’


With Nordic walking, you’ll be on your way to results faster than you think, too. The use of the poles makes the walking feel easier but actually propels you and makes you lighter on your feet, according to Gill. ‘People find they can walk faster and further than usual and soon notice the improvements in posture, tone and weight loss,’ she adds.


If you want to find out more about Nordic walking, head to or check out Gill’s book, The Complete Guide to Nordic Walking, launching in September.