Maximise your workout

8 July 2014 by
First published: 28 March 2014

If you’re putting in the effort to work out, it’s only fair that you get results, right? Try tweaking your training to maximise your workout and its effectiveness, ensuring that you’re checking all the boxes to be on your way to your best body.

1. Rest smart
We know that resting between workouts is paramount to recovery, but put some thought into your rest periods during workouts, too. Resting for too long between sets could take away the intensity, but omitting rest completely does the same. ‘Cutting rest out entirely reduces the ability to work intensely,’ says fat loss expert Dave Fletcher ( ‘Keeping a workout intense allows post-workout fat burn, so it’s best to take short and regular breaks or periods of lower intensity to make sure you can keep up the pace.’

Find out why active recovery and rest days are super important too.

2. Keep fuel in the tank
Although it’s not a good idea to eat a massive meal right before a workout, you should always be adopting a healthy diet to keep your body in good shape to take on a tough workout. ‘Weight loss and health gains are a long-term endeavor so keeping your metabolic rate as high as possible by keeping a good daily calorie intake is a smart move as it allows you to be ready for exercise,’ says Dave. ‘I am a fan of consistency rather than anything which resembles a quick fix.’ Try these healthy snack ideas to keep your metabolism revved up.

 3. Go compound
If fat burn is your goal, always opt for moves than work several muscle groups together rather than isolation moves. For example, a deadlift works the back, butt, legs and even upper body while a biceps curl works just the front of your upper arms. ‘Big compound exercises will stimulate your muscular and nervous systems better than isolation exercises,’ explains Dave. ‘You’ll burn more calories with this and accelerate fat loss.’

4. Get a side of cardio
Running, cycle and swimming are not the only ways to get a cardio fix, and we know that a lot of people find them boring. But you can use your weights routine to get strong while also challenging your heart and lungs. How? By putting together a circuit. ‘Try 6 shoulder presses, 12 squat jumps and 24 stability ball stomach crunches all performed in a row,’ Dave suggests. ‘Repeat this circuit 4 times with a 45 second break between circuits and you’ll soon enough see the cardio benefits.’