Getting fit on a budget

7 October 2015 by
First published: 3 February 2015

If you really want to get fit you can make it happen on a shoestring, or trainer lace. If you have a pair of trainers and some resemblance of a fitness ensemble then getting fit on a budget is possible.

Park Life

Allllllll the people, so many people. Blur (90s Brit-Pop band) have a point – so many people are spending out on the monthly gym fee but do they get value for money? If you do then fabulous (get you) but if in reality you go once a month then ditch it. Save that money just by switching to a little Park Life. Your very own adventure playground on your doorstep. Many local parks have their own trim trails but if not create your own circuit session. Running, squats, push-ups against a tree, tricep dips on a bench, which all come with a free dose of Vitamin D. #neverrainsinuk

Born to Run

Speaking of the gym. How many times have you spent an age pedalling away on a bike just waiting for someone, anyone, to get off one of the never-ending line of treadmills.  On your bike going nowhere fast waiting to get on a treadmill so you can run on the Road to Nowhere (Talking Heads 1985 – even I had to look that up).

Dare I suggest, that you simply get off that bike and get in the real world and hit the streets. Anytime, any place, anywhere. Not only is it free but it gives you such freeeeeee-dom. Freedom from gym opening hours running at a time that suits you. No travel time as the workout starts the second you step foot outside the door. Just you and the pavement beneath your feet. You will feel alive as you take to the road. There are free plans online to help those who have never run to the super duper elite athletes amongst you to follow. Try some of our running plans – we have a 5K, 10K and even a half marathon plan.

Money’s Too Tight to Mention

If you are in the (simply) red then the personal training sessions may have been given up but that does not mean you have to give up. There are a gazillion apps out there that will help you achieve your goals. The Nike Training Club for example will act as your own personal trainer with over 100 workouts and programmes to choose from. No excuses. Just do it.

Breathe Again

Slowly breathe in – do not panic this yoga session does not mean you have to cut back on the wine – and breathe out. Phew. Yoga does not have to be an expensive luxury if you take the time to seek it out. There are literally thousands of YouTube videos or classes online just waiting to help you breathe in and find your inner poise, breathe out and still be able to afford to eat. Check out Sweaty Betty.

Greatest Love of All

Whitney told us she believed the children are the future and that we should teach them well and let them lead the way and she was on to something. Let the kids lead the way and let us re-visit some playground fun and games! No expensive equipment required. Your Mum’s washing line or if you are dead posh an actual skipping rope with handles is a workout in itself! The ultimate HIIT workout burning 1300 calories an hour, skipping is a hard-core workout! Better still – try a game of kiss chase and you could save on your fee too!