Chest-to-floor burpee

13 June 2014 by
First published: 3 June 2014

The dreaded burpee has a bit of a reputation for being one of the toughest moves out there, synonymous with the marines. But with hard work comes great reward, which is why we’ve made the burpee even harder. Yep, it can get tougher, and this is one of our favourite progressions.

The chest-to-floor version of the burpee adds a little extra effort into the move, making you work that bit harder to lift your whole body off the ground – great for the upper-body. Since the move involves so many muscle groups as well as jumping, it’s great to up the intensity in a workout, throwing in a bit of a cardio aspect, too. The fat-burning and fitness potential is massive!

chest-to-floor burpee - We Heart Living

chest-to-floor burpee – We Heart Living


Crouch down to place your hands flat on the floor.

Jump your legs back to take yourself into plank position.

Lower your chest to the floor then take your hands off the ground.

Push back up into plank position.

Jump them back to the start.

Jump up as high as you can.

Land softly and repeat.

Top tip:

Perform this as fast as possible to really raise the heart rate