Carly’s bootcamp

7 October 2015 by
First published: 14 December 2014

Here’s another video from one of our fave fitness bloggers and PTs, Carly Rowena. The last in the series of Carly’s bootcamp training is this HIIT workout!

Carly uses a range of high-energy, fat-bustting moves including high knees and squat jumps to really boost your heart rate. In between all of this she hits the mat for some waist-whittling side plank crunches and v-ups. To make things a little more relaxing she’s even filmed the video in the peaceful outdoor surroundings of a park. Watching the water in the background ripple will hopefully be a nice mid-training distraction.

Over the last few years HIIT training has become one of the most popular ways to burn fat, especially because it continues to blast fat after your workout! It’s more effective than a long cardio session, so you can get just as good results from a HIIT workout in half the time. In HIIT 100% effort cardio moves are often combined with floor workouts to give you a moment for recovery. This causes an ‘oxygen debt’ to build up – an increased rate of oxygen which is required after vigorous exercise.

To repay the debt your body releases fat as fuel, which aids your recovery. In other words it equals a lot of fat burning during the workout and for hours after the workout.

Leaving 48 hours between each HIIT session is ideal in allowing the body to fully recover. It can be done inside or outside the gym and with taking no more than 20 minutes or in case of completing Carly’s version (only 6 minutes) it’s perfect for a busy schedule!