15 mins to great legs

26 June 2015 by
First published: 27 June 2015

With our super summer workout, it only takes 15 mins to great legs – just in time for shorts season! Do this challenging, varied workout a few times a week and you’ll no longer be living in fear of squats – you’ll be embracing them.


Single leg raise

Do: 3×10 per leg

Using a chair, start by lifting one foot just off the ground. From here, slowly lower yourself to seated, keeping the same foot off the ground. Then it’s a case of raising yourself back up to standing, using just the one leg. At the top of the movement, be sure to really tense your butt.


Goblet sumo squats

Do: 1 minute

Using any kind of heavy object, dumbbells or just something you have around the house, hold said object closely to your chest with both hands. Placing your feet just wider than shoulder-width apart, toes facing out a little, hinge back at the hip and simultaneously drop your bum down, so that your legs end parallel with the floor, keeping your lower back flat in the process. You should feel pressure down through your pelvis as you lower.


Jumping lunges

Do: 30 seconds

Come into the lunge position, with both knees forming a 90-degree angle. From here,  jump straight up using both feet, before jumping the front leg back and the back leg front. Land down into your lunge, before repeating on the opposite side. This is quite a high impact move so if you’ve got sore knees or any niggling injuries, best to opt for the reverse lunge, which is performed by taking one leg back into a lunge at a time.


Speed skaters

Do: 3×15 per side

Standing on your right leg, slide your left foot behind the right, so that you come into a ‘speed skater’ position. If you’re struggling for balance, try placing your right hand on the floor. The aim here is to jump up using your right leg, whilst at the same time engaging the left, bringing it back across your body so that ultimately you land on the left foot. Meanwhile, the right leg will have travelled behind the left. The further you jump, the tougher it is to balance but the harder your body will work as a result.


Full and quarter squats

Do: 3×15

Squats can get repetitive pretty quickly so to keep boredom from ruining your workout, introduce a quarter squat into the mix. Using just your bodyweight, hinge back the hips, as if you’re trying to sit on a seat. You should feel your weight come onto your heels but to make this easier for yourself, try curling the toes up. When your legs reach parallel with the floor, rise up a quarter of the way, before dropping back down into your squat and then up. Feel the burn!


High knees

Do: 60 seconds

We’re rounding off this leg workout by getting those knees high. Lift one followed quickly by the other up to around waist height. Be sure to keep your core engaged by breathing in the stomach. Oscillate your arms super quickly as well to get all of your limbs in on the act.