Team WHL’s NY resolutions

20 April 2017 by
First published: 1 January 2016

Happy New Year! Hope you had an awesome night last night – we certainly did. And now it’s time to look forward to an exciting year ahead.

We’re big on goal setting at WHL, so today we’ve been reflecting on a great year just gone and starting to think about resolutions for the year ahead.

Need some inspo? Check out our plans for 2016 below!

‘I say this every year – but this year’s the one to do it… I’m making more time for ME! I love yoga and meditation and the happiness and calm I feel after a class, which makes me want to quit the rat race and join a yoga circus (yes, really!), and I’m going to make sure this becomes a more permanent fixture in my life in 2016. I’m off to a good start with the yoga retreat I’ve booked in January!’

Joanna Knight, co-founder

‘I’m going to finally learn how to swim – not only because it’s one of the best full body workouts, but also because it’s an important skill to be able to have and I’m not up for another year of deep water restricting my holidays! 

‘And I recently tried to go vegan but going cold turkey didn’t work that well for me, so my NY’s resolution will be to cut down on animal produce as much as I can. At the moment I’m only really having meat for dinner, so I think that in itself is already making a difference.’

Lisa Nguyen, brand ambassador

‘My new year’s resolution is to try new things. When trying to stay healthy we often forget that we can be creative, too. I find myself doing the same workouts that I know work for me, or cooking up the same dishes that I find easy to prepare. 2016 for me is all about getting adventurous, shaking up my routine and broadening my horizons.’

Amanda Khouv, co-founder

‘Top of the list for me is upping my running game! It’s always been my weakness so I’m determined to get better in 2016 by running more regularly and increasing distance. I’m also aiming to prep healthy lunches and snacks for work, so I’m not tempted by naughty treats come 4pm!’

Erica Bush, junior writer

‘Last year my NY resolution was to do more of the things I enjoy doing – horse riding, reading, learning new skills, swimming and travelling. Life can get super busy and sometimes it’s hard to remember the last time you made the time to do an activity that you personally really enjoy. It turned out to be a great resolution to make and I really loved getting stuck into things I used to ‘never have time for.

‘So, in a similar vein, this year my resolution is to find a form of exercise I really enjoy and to make time for it in my schedule. I have tried loads and loads of fitness classes over the years, but I still haven’t really found something I enjoy enough to do consistently. In fact I think what might work best for me is to get stuck into a new sport or sign up to a crossfit gym – I like the idea of a community or team element to training and I love learning new skills, so watch this space!’

Ellie Moss, co-founder

‘The New Year is an amazing opportunity to set yourself new goals for a healthier and happier you. I’m going to be embracing simple tasks like drinking water when I wake up and walking everywhere.’

Sabrina Barr, intern