How fit-tech will change your workout

20 April 2017 by
First published: 18 June 2016

Fitness technology has changed exercise forever. Here’s how fit-tech will change your workout…


The rise of this phenomenon has increased within the UK, with 82 per cent of Brits now using a form of fitness gadget in their workouts, according to a recent study by TCS Research. Not only is the growth of technology improving our ability to get current with the latest gadgets, but most importantly our health as a nation is expanding. And according to TCS Research, London Marathon’s official technology partner, three quarters of those surveyed admitted to exercising more since using fitness technology.


So how is an electrical device going to improve your ability to work out? Here’s our top 5 ways fitness technology can boost your results…


Increase productivity

Tend to find yourself tied to the couch, thumbs tapping away on your phone? It’s easy to be glued to your mobile, especially when we’re talking Candy Crush, but what if there was an app that would help you spring off from the couch and get your butt into the gym? MyFitnessPal is a superb app that lets you structure your day via your fitness and nutrition. It helps to rejuvenate a healthy balanced mind, giving you a sense of control, and increases your ability to get things done.


Boost of confidence

The gym can sometimes feel like an exposed environment, especially if you are feeling clueless as to what to do. Not everyone has access to a personal trainer, but now you can get expert advice from a flick of your wrist to cover all the basics! Jefit Workout app gives you simple tools for crafting weight-lifting workouts, plus information on the different fitness machines. Not to mention it’s free to download for your iPhone or Android device.


Track your progress

What better way to keep yourself motivated than watching your progress come to life right before your eyes? Fitness trackers such as FitBit Charge HR allows numerous activities, such as the number of floors climbed, to be stored on its system as your personal data. Once you have improved, the device will congratulate you on your progress. Even without a tracker, you can use the Fitbit app to count calories, log your weight, and record other health information – such as your blood pressure and glucose levels.


More support

Whether you want to step up your training, walk more steps, or improve your heart rate, it’s important to have a significant level of support! Wearable trackers, like KuaiWear coaching headphones, make this happen by giving ongoing feedback about your performance as you exercise. They are fitted with a biometric sensor that listens to your body, giving you instant voice evaluation about your heart rate, speed, distance, calories and more. It’s like having a personal “wearable” coach!


Revive your love for fitness

Just like upgrading your make-up brushes, having new fitness gadgets can revamp the excitement of trying it out, rather than treating your workout like a chore. Strapping on a heart rate monitor, is like putting on make-up before a night out, its best to look the part – that way you feel more enthusiastic about exercising! The more you enjoy something, the more you will look forward to doing it right?! Well, it seems to be working, as 93 per cent of those surveyed said that using fitness technology has led to a change in their health and fitness behavior.


The TCS Digital Fitness Survey is based on a survey of 2,000 UK recreational runners.

The fieldwork was conducted by Censuswide in March 2016.