Get healthier with green exercise

20 April 2017 by
First published: 15 March 2016

There’s nothing like a blast of fresh air and green space to get you moving. In fact, recent studies from the University of Essex have shown that exercise outside can really benefit your overall mood, so you can truly get healthier with green exercise.

Not only that, exposure to the elements can also increase your levels of vitamin D, resistance from the wind means you burn more calories and your body has to work harder on slopes and uneven ground.

So why not switch up your routine and ditch the gym? Here’s how to take it outside whatever your level of fitness:

Get your ‘30-a-day’ outside

Yep, that’s right, do 30 minutes a day of activity to keep your body strong and mind active. And the easiest way to fit this in is to make it a part of your daily routine. Get off the bus a few stops earlier and walk to work, or cycle to work instead. Or ditch dining at your desk for a reviving walk at lunchtime. There are a number of ways you can take it outdoors and fit that 30 minutes in each day without drastic changes to your lifestyle.

Try an outdoor fitness class

If you’re looking for something high tempo and really enjoy the class atmosphere, why not try one in your local park? From the army-style British Military Fitness to running clubs, you’ll find something up your street (quite literally).

Don’t forget to check out local Sweaty Betty or Nike stores as they sometimes offer classes outdoors for free.

Join a league

With women’s football, rugby, hockey and netball all showing signs of promise as we gear up for this year’s Olympics, it’s a great time to show off your pivot turns or tackling skills on the pitch. Not only are these sports brilliant for cardiovascular endurance and speed, you’ll also build up a camaraderie with a great bunch of girls, learn skills, make new friends and have fun. What more could you want?

League games vary from city to city but to find out more about how you can get involved go to. Try Go Mammoth or the Sportable app for more information about how to get involved.

Test your green fingers

That’s right, you can burn calories and do something good for your local environment, thanks to green gyms. Not only will you get a good workout while you prep the land, you’ll also make a difference to your community, meet new people and help create green spaces to nurture.

Take the gym outside

Calling all gym bunnies. You don’t have to stay inside to get a good gym workout. The Outdoor Gym Company has turned the industry on its head by taking some of the usual equipment outside. From cross-trainers and stationary bikes to treadmills and leg presses, you can pretty much cover off all your cardio while soaking up some much-needed vitamin D and you won’t have to pay a penny. Think of it as a playground for adults!