5 reasons why you should do the Vitality Hackney Half Marathon

20 April 2017 by
First published: 22 February 2016

If your aim this year was to run more but you haven’t quite stuck to it, why don’t you aim towards completing a run – like a half marathon?

Don’t recoil in horror at the thought of it, a half marathon has many benefits and that doesn’t just include being half the distance of a marathon. The 13.1 miles is really not that scary to run when you are surrounded by beautiful views and cheering crowds. This year’s run is on Sunday 8th May at 9am.

If you are still not convinced, we have come up with 5 reasons why you should do the Vitality Hackney Half Marathon. Go on, you can do it!

You get to take in the city sights

We are all so busy rushing around every day, we barely look at what is around us. Open your eyes and you will see beautiful green spaces (yes, there are still some left), and unique buildings. This run takes you on an urban route all around Hackney, including the iconic Hackney Empire with its years of history and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The best part is that the route is flat; there are no tough hills to climb and no steep slopes to watch out for, just fascinating views of East London.

It’s open to runners of all abilities

Whether you have taken part in 10 half marathons or you are thinking about doing your first, the Vitality Hackney Half Marathon is open to runners of all abilities.

You won’t be expected to lead the pack, unless you are a pro and that is what you want to do, and there’ll be an estimated 15,000 people taking part all running at their own pace. If it is your first half marathon, make it your aim to finish the course while encouraging others along the way.

You’ll be encouraged along the way

Thousands of people will line the streets with one job, to cheer you all on. Spectators will be shouting words of encouragement at you to help make the run that little bit easier and believe us, they do help. There is also entertainment dotted around the course to bring a carnival atmosphere to the day.

You’ll want to finish the run as quick as you can so you can join in with the party. This is east London after all, and they sure know how to party.

You can make a difference

Running a half marathon is a great achievement in itself, doubters will be silenced and you will have done something to make yourself proud, but how about raising money for charity along the way to make a difference to other people?

Cancer Research UK is the official National Charity Partner of the Vitality Hackney Half Marathon this year, and there are many other charities that you can contact to fundraise for.

Plus, running for charity is extra motivation and you will push yourself to get through if you know others will benefit when you do.

There are rewards

Who doesn’t love a reward when they have been good? When you cross the finish line with cheers and congratulatory comments ringing in your ears, you will be given a medal, t-shirt, goodie bag and if that wasn’t enough, you will also meet the person of your dreams – a sports masseuse.

Once they have soothed your aching, screaming muscles, you will be all relaxed and feeling pretty damn good about yourself for completing a half marathon. Challenge yourself this year and reap the rewards.

For more information or to sign up, visit runhackney.com