New yoga concepts we love

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First published: 3 October 2017

New yoga concepts we love

Step out of your comfort zone and find your inner zen with these new yoga concepts we love.

Assume that once you’ve done one yoga class, you’ve done them all? You couldn’t be more wrong! There’s so much variety out there, so whether you prefer a traditional, meditative form of yoga or would rather do your Reverse Warrior pose with some Drum ‘n’ Bass blasting out of the speakers, there’s a class you’ll love. Take a look at the new yoga concepts we love and you may discover an exciting class that’s perfect for you.

Light it up

Yoga can be incredibly beneficial for your body and mind, and even more so when paired with coloured light. Chroma Yoga has created a revolutionary style of yoga by matching different coloured lights with a variety of yoga poses and sequences to help you wake up in the morning, relax in the evening, de-stress and boost your energy. Every class has been carefully designed to not only improve your fitness and flexibility, but also to have a positive effect on your state of mind.

Seven-day intro offer for £35. Pay as you go classes start from £11, membership starts from £49, class passes start from £65,

Move to the beat

Vinyasa Flow yoga involves flowing seamlessly from one yoga pose to the next in a continuous sequence, but have you ever tried it with upbeat music? That’s exactly what Third Space has done with their fun Rocket Yoga class. Working out to loud music can actually be incredibly therapeutic, so it makes sense that listening to a funky playlist in your yoga sesh could help you zone in – you’ll end up leaving this class feeling refreshed and energised.

Joining fee costs £50. Individual membership starts from £130, group membership costs £169,

Feel the weight

Are you up for a challenge? Of course you are! If you’re looking to take your yoga practice up a notch, then you should definitely give Loaded Yoga a go. An amalgamation of yoga, HIIT and Drum ‘n’ Bass, this yoga class will see you strapping weights onto your ankles and wrists for one hell of a workout. With classes at Gymbox studios and Fitness4Less across London, Loaded Yoga is a must-try class.

Thursdays 1:15pm at Gymbox Bank, 7.30pm at Gymbox Old Street – free for Gymbox members, or bookable with a £20 guest pass for non members.

Fridays 5.45pm at Fitness4Less Southwark – free for members, £10 day pass or £19.99 per month

Break it down

Anyone who remembers their first ever yoga class will probably recollect feeling slightly overwhelmed. You can’t be expected to know what every single term means and to be able to master a headstand straight away (unless you’re superhuman!). Need a headstart? You need Yoga Breakdown at Another Space – this great class will help you build on your yoga knowledge and skills in only thirty minutes. The focus of the class changes every week to give you a really rounded experience.

Each class counts as 1 credit for £20. For information on pack passes, visit

Embrace your spirituality

For many people yoga is about connecting with their inner spirituality. Online workout hub, Number 5, has drawn on this to create Sweat and Flow, a holistic class that merges five different forms of exercise for an all-round uplifting and restorative workout. No class is ever the same, as the format changes every time to keep you on your toes. Number 5 is an online platform, so you can access their workouts anywhere, any time to test your limits.

$25 for access to The Archive, the Number 5 workout library,

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New yoga concepts we love
Step out of your comfort zone and find your inner zen with these new yoga concepts we love.