Find out which gym gadget is best for you

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First published: 11 January 2018

Find out which gym gadget is best for you

Supercharge your workouts with these gym gadgets which will help you to maximise your performance.

Have you hit a plateau at the gym? Or are you looking for a way to amp up your workouts to see better results that ever? If so, we’ve got you covered with our favourite gym and workout gadgets that are sure to help you track your progress and motivative you to the next level. Whether you are a gym lover or prefer the great outdoors, these pieces will assist you in your fitness journey and become a staple in your kit bag. Your bank account may take a hit, but after a few weeks use you won’t want want to workout without them.

Garmin Forerunner 935

This is the ultimate GPS watch for athletes who are serious about their sport – an all day activity tracking piece of kit which monitors your steps, sleep and calories. Its main focus is running and triathletes, but there is also support for rowing, golf, hiking and more. The watch gives you the freedom to roam, with 24 hours battery life in GPS mode for the Ironman enthusiast, and 2 weeks for those who use it simply in watch mode. Practical measures such as it being able to contain your medical information and emergency contacts make this product a cut above the rest. And if your competitive streak takes over, simply connect to Strava Live and sync your running/cycling to see live feedback.

Available for £469.99 at Garmin

Jabra Elite Sport

Bluetooth headphones have become a staple in many a gym goer’s bag, but these Jabra Elite Sport wireless earbuds take this to the next level. Perfect for a wide range of sports, from running long distances to a gruelling gym session, they have a 4.5 hour battery life and a portable charging case, which takes the longevity of the earphones up to an impressive 13.5 hours. While the price may be steep, these do so much more than blast your top tunes. They track your run, monitor your heart rate and remove the nuisance of wires from your workout. 

£229.99 Jabra

Today – Habit tracker for goals and routines

Today is a habit tracker perfect for those who want to take a scheduled and strict approach to their fitness routine. A mindful approach to wellbeing is fostered through use of the app, as you strengthen your healthy habits through positive reinforcement. In the app, you are able to see an overview of your habits and view your remaining goals for the day to help you stay on track. Fun features such as badges as a streak calendar make this both an interactive and aesthetically pleasing addition to your phone, alongside interconnectivity with Apple Health. Not only this, the app is constantly upgrading, adding more card types to integrate more apps, so your fitness can progress alongside it.

Free, iTunes

Polar OH1

Want to take steps to intensify your workout, but unsure of how to do it? Heart rate monitors are a great way to see how your body is performing through data, which will in turn give you an insight on how to push yourself to the max. The Polar OH1 is an Optical Heart Rate Monitor armband that combines comfort and versatility whilst tracking your performance during sport. Don’t fancy the traditional chest strap? This armband fits comfortably around the arm, works in partnership with Bluetooth trackers and can stream real time date to fitness app ons Android and IOS as it tracks your heart rate. If you fancy running without any devices, this piece of kit can store up to 200 hours of training data, and has 12 hours of battery life.

£69.50, Polar

Fitbit Ionic

The new smartwatch from Fitbit is a dynamic personal coaching system which is with you everywhere you go. There is on screen guidance and feedback alongside wrist based heart rate monitoring. Designed for running, biking, swimming and more, the Ionic is water resistant up to 50M and is able to track laps and calories burnt during workouts. The watch setting has a battery life of four days, and there is built in GPS and a battery life of 10 hours when the feature is in use. You are able to track every part of your day with the device, including sleep, in order to make you a fitter, healthier individual.

£299.99, Fitbit

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Find out which gym gadget is best for you
Supercharge your workouts with these gym gadgets which will help you to maximise your performance and up your game.