Top five alkaline supplements

Want to boost the effects of that alkaline diet? Or neutralise the acidic effects of a busy lifestyle and less-than-perfect diet? Check out our pick of the top five alkaline supplements.


Pascoe pH Balance

These acid-neutralising tablets contain calcium and magnesium to help counteract some of the effects of an acidic diet and restore that pH balance. They’re ideal for those with hectic lifestyles who struggle to stick to an alkaline diet.

Pascoe pH Balance, £16.14,


Energised Greens

This tasty drink combines alkalising fruit and veg to neutralize excess acids and alkalise the body. It claims to increase energy and stamina, boost alertness, and curb cravings

Energised Greens, £38.99,


Higher Nature Alka-Clear Powder

Packed with cleansing and alkalising minerals this powder will help to balance your pH and boost the body’s waste removal powers. It also comes with a handy testing strip to check your urinary pH.

Higher Nature Alka-Clear Powder, £14.90,


Protein Works Super Greens

This potent superfood powder is said to boost energy and aid the digestive system. It’s packed with 23 nutrient dense food sources and each serving equates to five portions of fruit and vegetables.

Protein Works Super Greens, £18.99,


Patrick Holford 9-Day Detox Pack

Not strictly an alkalising supplement, but a great support supplement for the liver and digestive system. This popular supplement contains an antioxidant complex, lots of vitamins and minerals and digestive support in the form of enzymes, probiotics and glutamine powder.

Patrick Holford 9-Day Detox Pack, £39.95,