Survive wedding season

8 August 2014 by
First published: 9 August 2014

While for many the summer is the time to focus on getting bikini ready, it’s also wedding season. Here’s how to survive wedding season as the canapés and champagne start flowing.


1. Pre eat and plan ahead!
It’s a common misconception that we should all starve ourselves ahead of a big night out, however this is the ultimate hiccup! Going to an event on an empty stomach will leave you more likely to grab the first bit of food in sight, which is often not the healthiest of options. Try having a protein fuelled snack before you head out and this will keep you going until you are able to make healthy food choices.


2. Make time to exercise
Find a short, fat blasting workout like our wedding workout, that can be done in minimal time before the wedding to get the blood flowing, calories burning and to kick-start your metabolism ahead of the big day.


3. Pick healthy canapés
Watch out for the pastry and cheesy nibbles as these are especially high in calories and very moreish! Stick to protein-based choices such as chicken or salmon skewers, which will fill you up without piling on the pounds.


4. Chose your drinks carefully
You don’t have to avoid all alcohol, but it is important to make the right choices. Cocktails, large glasses of wine and bottles of beer are all laden with calories and are very easy to consume. Stick to spirits and slim-line mixers such as a gin and tonic. Diluting your drink is also a great idea as this will make your drink last longer while consuming half the calories. Go for a white wine spritzer, or simply add a couple of ice cubes to your bevvy.


5. Drink lots of water
Not only will this prevent you getting dehydrated through the day but it will also help you to avoid getting totally plastered, and consequently leave you hangover free! This is really important as we all know how difficult it can be to stay away from the naughty food after a big night out!


6. Dance
Quite simply, get moving! As well as having a great time dancing with friends you’ll be burning calories at the same time! The delights of multitasking!


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