Q&A with blogger Em Talks

8 October 2015 by
First published: 13 June 2015

We stopped for a quick Q&A with blogger Em Talks to chat fitness, cheat treats and her involvement with the Adidas #workit Summer Series.

1. How did you get into blogging?
I started my blog firstly to help me get onto my university degree but it soon became my biggest passion.

2. And when did you get into fitness?
I have always loved fitness, from sports days as a child to the gymnastics I did growing up. I also used to do a lot of athletics training when I was younger. Fitness really is a part of me!

3. Have you always been active/sporty?
As a child I did ballet, ice skating, athletics, swimming and gymnastics, and would never say no to trying anything. My favourite sport was athletics where I did high jump and 100m sprints, but as I get older I love to challenge myself on the treadmill.

4. What do you think makes an amazing workout?
When you leave and feel like you couldn’t have done any more – I love beating personal bests. I always write down how well I did at the end of each session and I don’t allow myself to leave the gym unless I’ve beaten it! I use my own goals as motivation to push little harder every time.

5. What sort of workouts do you usually do?
I love running in the countryside on sunny days. I also really love doing spinning classes and interval training. I have recently become obsessed with hot yoga, hot Pilates and hot Barrecore – they mix it up really nicely and tone the body all over.

6. What’s your involvement in the Adidas #workit Summer Series?
Adidas and I worked together to create a bespoke six-week workout programme tailored to my fitness goals – to be strong and toned but mainly, to feel happy and confident about my body. I want women to join me on my fitness journey – the instructional videos are all available on the Adidas women’s Facebook page.

7. Talk us through what people will be doing on the six-week workout plan…
You’ll see some great exercises that help tone the whole body, including squats, lunges, jumping jacks and a few special twists to help #workit even more!

8. Why do you think online workouts are so popular these days?
I personally think gyms and fitness classes can cost a lot of money so that’s one issue but also, actually getting up, getting changed and getting to the gym can be a hassle in itself. If you do workouts online you can literally click a button and get moving – it’s more time-efficient and it’s free! It’s also nice to be able to do it in the comfort of your own home for those who don’t like the gym or working out in public. The Adidas videos are all completely free and available to follow at the click of a button so it’s a brilliant way to get into fitness and workout.

9. What’s your favourite healthy dish to cook?
At the moment I am absolutely loving my vegetable burgers; I am a meat lover but these are just delicious – sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, spinach and more all blended together to create the yummiest and most filling dinner!

10. What’s your favourite cheat treat?
I have a soft spot for pizza and chocolate!

11. What’s your fave workout tune?
Beyoncé is the queen when it comes to workout tunes. Run the World (Girls) just gets me through that last minute of a workout every single time!