THE place to post your gym selfies

18 May 2016 by
First published: 2 April 2015

If you’re nervous about sharing your success snaps on social media, then download the app that is THE place to post your gym selfies.

We all love a good selfie (whether we choose to admit it or not) and social media is a great place to share success stories and find fitspiration. But some fitness fanatics don’t always feel comfortable sharing their pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Now there’s a new social network dedicated to sharing your news with like-minded people: new app Healthy Selfie connects users to an online community that’s all about food, fitness, nutrition and health.

What is Healthy Selfie?

Healthy Selfie is a new one-stop shop for fitspo, where people can connect directly with fitness content without needing to hashtag and avoid irrelevant images of sunsets and arty pics of pets.

The app allows users to photographically track share their body’s physical transformation unashamedly and proudly. With the option to share as much or as little as you like, you can show your progress and gains or take inspiration from the thousands of fellow fitness lovers all on the same quest to improve their bodies.

How does it work?

Healthy Selfie helps you track your progress through date-stamped photos and allows you to keep a virtual food diary and chart your workouts. Users stay motivated while having an opportunity to interact with other users for support, motivation, information and ideas – everything from what workouts they are doing to what foods they’re eating.

Key features

Apart from a community devoted to fitness and health at the click of a button, the app offers a variety of great features perfectly tailored to fitness fans.

You can compare old selfies and bring them together in one collage to see how your body has changed throughout your diet or fitness programme. All date-stamps are automatically generated by the app to avoid any fake before and after shots. You can use the images to show off or inspire others.

The food diary function lets users to track of their diet and upload snaps of meals with a facility that also allows the sharing of recipes and ingredients.

Why we love it

It’s a great app for people who want motivation and support through their body transformations and fitness journeys.

Alongside the ability to actively track and compare progress, Healthy Selfie is especially for the fitness community. So, whether you are a rookie or a veteran, a positive experience and reception is guaranteed. You can make your profile public or private, sidestepping the haters and eye-rollers while being supported and inspired.

Where can you download it?

Healthy Selfie is free and currently available on iOS, with an Android version coming soon.