The ultimate festival fitness class

20 April 2017 by
First published: 8 July 2016

It’s time to have your wellies and wet wipes at the ready because festival season is officially upon us! But before you start to feel guilty about those beers and burgers you’ll no doubt be indulging in (no regrets, we say!), we’ve found the ultimate festival fitness class to not only give you that health kick you need, but to also get you in the mood for the fun ahead.

StubHub and Gymbox have teamed up to offer festival-goers a fitness class with a twist. Crowd Surf Ready brings you energetic festival-inspired gym routines created by the fitness experts at Farringdon’s Gymbox. Be prepared to have your body put to the test with a variety of dynamic challenges involving strength, agility and stamina led by the professionals who are no stranger to a festival or two. Not only will they be putting you through your paces but you might even be a crowd-surfing pro by the end of the class – and just in time for your summer festival.

The fitness experts at Gymbox have tailored only the best strength-training routines involving exercises that target the main muscle groups of the body. By mixing up the routines using combinations of free weights and bodyweight exercises, the class provides a great way to build lean muscle showing off a toned outline to your body. Whether your motivation is rocking those uber-cool festival outfits or wanting to make it through days of moshing, Crowd Surf Ready has you sorted.

We don’t expect you to be breaking into sets of burpees whenever the beat drops but a decent level of endurance is much-needed if dancing the night away is on the agenda. For those of you who steer clear or cardio, you won’t even know you’re doing it in this class. Think challenging yet fun circuits that focus on the muscles you need to bounce along to your favourite act, as well as lifting your fellow gig-goers for a better view of the stage! Now that’s what we call teamwork.

The weekly class, taking place at the Farringdon Gymbox, is open to all abilities and will start on Thursday 14 July, 12:15pm-13.00pm, lasting for a total of six weeks. Free of charge for members and only £10 per class for non-members, what are you waiting for? Make the most of your fun-filled festival weekend by getting #CrowdSurfReady!

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