Jeans for Genes day

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First published: 21 September 2017

Jeans for Genes day

Get involved this September with Jeans for Genes day and help save the lives of children across the UK.

Here at WHL we are all for supporting a good cause, and this September there’s no better campaign to get involved with than Jeans for Genes Day. Taking place on Friday 22 September, it is an informal and fun way to make a positive impact on the lives of children affected by 4,000 to 6,000 types of genetic disorders. Although individually rare, these disorders are the biggest killer of children aged 14 and under when put into a national context. Jeans for Genes attempts to spread information about those afflicted and the genetic disorders themselves, with simple and easy ways to get involved and raise money. So pop on a pair of your favourite jeans, or do something a little different in the office on the 22 September, and make a difference in a child’s life this autumn.

The Background

It is estimated that 1 in 25 children are affected by a genetic disorder, with 30,000 babies and children being diagnosed annually. This is a shocking statistic, one that truly exhibits the need for large scale initiatives such as Jeans for Genes day. The annual fundraising campaign is run by Genetic Disorders UK, with the aim to bring greater public attention to these issues. Genetic Disorders UK supports both families and individuals who are affected by genetic disorders, and the money they raise is vital for the care and support of sufferers across the nation. You may well remember your own Jeans for Genes days at school, although ours is fast becoming a long distant memory! By getting involved and contributing to the fundraising, you will be helping to pay for grants allowing day to day support and events which help affected children and their families.

The Campaign

This year’s campaign was kicked off by releasing a £20 limited-edition T-shirt, with all proceeds going to support children, the motif of which was handpicked by supermodel Kate Moss. The design was created by Molly Lindsay, an undergraduate at the Glasgow School of Art, and chosen from a number of entries. The campaign features the faces of many celebrities including Mollie King, Rachel Riley, Stephanie Pratt and more. Not only is the T-shirt for sale, there is also a denim bag and multiple pins and badges, for those who wish to show their support for the cause.

Get involved

This event isn’t exclusively for school children, you can easily get involved with Jeans for Genes day in the workplace, each giving £2 and forging a community spirit. Your office could easily raise the £350 necessary for a child with a genetic disorder to spend a fun weekend away with fellow youngsters. If denim is inappropriate in your place of work, simply don another blue item, such as socks or some vibrant nail polish. On the other hand, if your everyday get-up is a pair of jeans, you could have a fancy dress day at the office, or commit the unforgivable fashion faux pas (or is it fashionable now?) of double denim! Whatever your efforts, make sure you and your colleagues make a difference this September, and assist Genetic Disorders UK in changing the lives of children across the country.

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Jeans for Genes day
Get involved this September with Jeans for Genes day and help save the lives of children across the UK.