Commute to work with 1Rebel

20 April 2017 by
First published: 10 July 2016

Here’s how to commute to work with 1Rebel… As if you’re a city worker, then it’s safe to say that sometimes it can be hard finding time to work out, particularly during the weekdays. But don’t let that stop you – as there’s a new solution.

1Rebel is one step ahead in finding ways to tailor to everyone and has found the perfect time for people to get their workout in – during their commute. Cue the new RIDE2REBEl – a spin studio that literally is on wheels. With so many people opting for the gym’s indoor RIDE workouts, it’s now catering to those with busy lifestyles by letting you work out on your way to work. You’ll be able to jump on the 1Rebel bus, which will travel through the most popular commute routes in London and finish up at St Mary Axe 1Rebel studio, where you can pop in for a shower or get your post workout smoothie – and that’s your workout out of the way!

Co-founders of 1Rebel, James Balfour and Giles Dean, came up with the idea by wanting to create a solution for busy, health-conscious folk. James comments: ‘we can create more efficiency in people’s routines by transforming their commute. For those who want the components of a class, but perhaps don’t have the time to commit during the day, this provides a great solution for them to maximise time they would otherwise be spending just travelling to work.’

RIDE2REBEL will launch later in the year, but you can currently purchase tickets for £12-15. For more information on tickets and RIDE2REBEL check out

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