BOOManchu hits the London fitness scene

8 August 2017 by
First published: 24 July 2017

Get your sweat on with BOOMCycle and Fu Manchu as wellness festival BOOManchu hits the London fitness scene.

Anyone who enjoys the occasional spin class will have definitely heard of BOOMCycle. The energy and positivity that they spread in every class is completely infectious, which is why we’re so excited about their new BOOManchu Wellness Festival Weekend, taking place this August. They’ve teamed up with nightclub Fu Manchu to create a weekend that’s all about having a blast doing cycle workouts, enjoying some deliciously nutritious food and listening to some fascinating talks from guest speakers. Find out all about it and how you can get involved!

The background

BOOMCycle has been making waves ever since co-founder Hilary Gilbert decided to make her mark on the London fitness scene after moving over from the US. Their spin classes are so addictive, combining an intense and effective workout with awesome playlists that create just the right vibe. With studios in Holborn, Shoreditch, Battersea and Hammersmith, BOOMCycle has definitely gained quite the cult following in the capital. If you’ve never been to one of their classes, heading to the BOOManchu Wellness Festival Weekend would be the perfect opportunity to see what the fuss is about.

BOOMCycle has teamed up with bar and nightclub Fu Manchu to launch its BOOManchu Wellness Festival Weekend. Fu Manchu is a pretty trendy spot in Clapham, which is why it makes so much sense these two cool companies have banded together. You may not be able to try one of their legendary cocktails while you’re on the bike, but you can definitely soak up the cool atmosphere of the venue as you spin away.

The festival

There are three sessions on both days for you to choose from. Each session starts with a 45-minute Ride, followed by a tasty brunch courtesy of Sana Mind Body and Soul before finishing with talks from notable guest speakers from the fitness industry. There’s nothing better than giving your absolute all during an intense workout, to then be treated to some wholesome food straight afterwards. This festival weekend has it all – fun workouts, yummy refreshments and interesting chat. Don’t miss out – book your place now!

Get involved

BOOManchu will be taking place on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September. It’s bound to be popular, so make sure you book your place quick!

Tickets start from £28.

To book your place, visit