Tips for lunchtime workouts

20 April 2017 by
First published: 29 October 2016

Need some tips for lunchtime workouts? Just keep on reading…

Now that we’re hitting autumn, dark mornings and evenings are spoiling our training. Whether you like to get your workout fix early doors, or prefer to slog it out after dinner, neither are fun – nor safe – in the dark. The solution? Work out in your lunch break. Not only will it help beat that 4pm slump, the shorter time constraint will force you to work out more quickly and effectively. What’s more, the now cooler climes mean you’re less likely to return to the office in a sweaty mess. ‘Exercising at lunchtime is a great way to physically and mentally stimulate your body, enhance your mood, as well as break up your day,’ says Callum Melly, personal trainer and body transformation specialist at ‘You see, when we exercise we release mood-enhancing endorphins that give us that ‘feel good’ factor and can help us focus and perform better for the rest of the day.’ But what’s the best way to go about it? Here’s how to smash your lunchtime workout.

‘I would always recommend a full body circuit workout, as you can do it anywhere and you don’t need any equipment,’ says Callum.

The exercises?

Bodyweight squat
Press up
Mountain climbers
Alternating lunge (on the spot)
Hip/glute bridge
Russian twists

The rules?

Do 30-45 seconds per exercise, completing every exercise back to back. ‘Complete every exercise for the tempo 2:1:2,’ advises Callum. ‘So if you’re doing a press up, you want to take two seconds during the eccentric lowering phase, a one-second pause when you’re at the bottom of the movement and under optimal tension, and then two seconds on the concentric press up phase.’ Complete three to five rounds and take two minutes of rest between each round.

‘When it comes to nutrition, I always keep it simple,’ says Callum. ‘Eat little and often, say every two to three hours, as this will keep your metabolism working in full throttle and can aid fat loss.’ Save your food for after your workout though, as you won’t want to be doing an intense circuit on a full stomach. ‘I always recommend prepping your meals the day before so you never go hungry, or aren’t tempted to snack on junk food,’ adds Callum.