The fitness secret you should be aware of

24 August 2015 by
First published: 28 August 2015

If you’re a fan of yoga or fitness classes but you’re getting bored of your local studio, it’s only our duty to share the fitness secret you should be aware of….

Many of us prefer to burn our calories at the gym during the week and go easy – or not go at all – on the weekend. Don’t get us wrong, we love a sweaty workout just as much as the girl who lives in her gym gear (we are that girl!), but it’s nice to be somewhere on the weekend that has little or nothing to do with where we spend our weekdays. Anyone ever feel the same way?

If you do, we’ve stumbled upon something exciting. For those who don’t necessarily want to get legless every weekend and fancy doing something different, Secret Urban Escapes offers you the chance to get fit at a secret location in London, which is only revealed to you on the day.

The pop-up events range from yoga to boxing or even bootcamp sessions and all involve good food and the opportunity to meet new people. Secret Urban Escape’s most recent event, Sit-ups in the Sky, involved a rooftop workout with the founders of You’re Fit Fitness, Bradley Simmonds and Joey Jones. After a fun, yet gruelling hour and a half workout with the group, we enjoyed delicious paleo tacos courtesy of Feed Me Primal while watching the sun set over London. It truly was as fantastic as it sounds!

So whether you fancy a new experience while still maxing out your workout over the weekend, or you’re up for doing something different with a friend, or even if you want to see more of London, head over to Secret Urban Escapes to check out their latest (secret) event! Make your fitness journey less of a grind and more of an experience by getting fit, enjoying good food and meeting new people. It’s amazing what a change of location can do. Just make sure you keep it a secret!