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20 April 2017 by
First published: 10 February 2017

We challenge you to take the #657challenge to support Muscle Help Foundation.

The #657challenge has been created by Muscle Help Foundation and health drink Upbeat in order to raise awareness for muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular conditions. Remember the ice bucket challenge that left you soaking wet and freezing? Well… this might not be as cold but it does also involve water, sorry! Read on to find out why it’s important that you take part.

In the UK alone more than 70,000 people have muscular dystrophy or a related condition. It’s also the single biggest genetic killer of children in our world today. The disease causes muscles to weaken, leading to a loss of the ability to move parts of the body and in some cases it can result in to death. There is currently no treatment to cure or delay the condition, so Muscle Help Foundation is working hard to improve the lives of those suffering. The charity helps to give children ‘muscle dreams’, which are once in a lifetime experiences. It could be meeting their favourite footballer or driving around a Grand Prix circuit – each experience is tailored to each child.

The CEO of Muscle Help Foundation, Michael McGrath, who was diagnosed with MD at the age of 18, said: ‘We love the idea of the #657challenge. We’re hopeful that the fundraising mechanism will help the charity move closer to its goal of delivering 657 ‘Muscle Dreams’, that’s one for every muscle in the human body.’

This challenge has been created to remind you of the 657 muscles we have working in our bodies by using them in a total body challenge. It’ll take you less than a minute to complete and, as well as being for a great cause, is a great test of strength. Get going and make sure to share it on social media using the #657challenge hashtag.

HOW TO TAKE THE #657challenge

STEP 1: Fill a plastic cup with water – to the brim if you’re confident

STEP 2: From standing, hold the cup in place on your head with both hands

STEP 3: Bend your legs to lower yourself to the ground until you’re sitting fully cross-legged on the floor – bottom must be in contact with the ground

STEP 4: From sitting, drive back up from the floor (ideally without removing the cup from your head) – this is where there could be some water spillage!

STEP 5: Post your challenge to Twitter/Facebook/Instagram with the following copy: I nominate @xxxxxxxxxx @xxxxxxxxx & @xxxxxxxxxxx to take the #657challenge. Text MUSC13 £5 to 70070 to donate.

If you haven’t lost a drop, that means you have excellent mobility and muscle strength. If you now have a wet head, don’t worry, practice makes perfect and it’s a good daily drill to keep all your muscles moving.

Think you need some help before you try it out? Muscle expert Mike Aunger has created a five-move gym-free workout that will help you master the move, as well as boost your overall muscle health.

Good luck!