Relax with ‘The Method’ class at Studio One

20 April 2017 by
First published: 21 February 2017

Relax with ‘The Method’ class at Studio One, the new class combining HIIT with mindfulness

A HIIT class can be the perfect antidote to a difficult day. Pushing your body to the limit can do wonders for your stress levels, which is why so many people opt for upbeat forms of exercise when they’re feeling particularly stressed. On the other hand, mindfulness is equally as effective as an activity that can soothe both your body and mind. So, what do you get when you combine the two together? You’ve guessed it: ‘The Method’ class at Studio One.

The new class has been developed by Studio One, a boutique studio space in Islington that exudes positivity. Studio One was founded by sisters Alison and Sarah Hatcher; when they weren’t able to find a studio that offered them small classes and a friendly community feel, they decided to set up their own. Their ethos, The Studio One Method, is all about maintaining a healthy balance in life by taking care of your physical and mental health, your relationships and the clarity of your mind. With that in mind, here’s all you need to know about ‘The Method’ class at Studio One.

The lowdown

‘The Method’ class at Studio One is a combination of HIIT and mindfulness, although it also incorporates elements of many different forms of exercise, including dance cardio, boxing, yoga and Pilates. The combination of cardio, core and strength building ensures that you work your entire body from head to toe in an effort to becoming stronger, leaner and more toned.

The 45-minute class is set to an energetic soundtrack, which varies in rhythm to match the tempo of each exercise. The different workouts within the class consist of muscle-isolation exercises and total-body exercises, so that five of your muscle groups are given the same amount of attention. Not a single minute is wasted resting in ‘The Method’ class. Each exercise flows easily into the next with clever transitions, ensuring that your body is constantly working. This class is as much about your state of mind as it is about your body. By using your breath to ease into each move and transition, you’ll find yourself releasing any tension that’s been holding you back. By the end of the class, there’s no doubt you’ll feel reinvigorated, if a little sore as well.

The verdict

‘The Method’ class at Studio One definitely took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting for the class to be as strenuous as it turned out to be. However, I really enjoyed motivating myself to hold certain poses for moments longer and to push my body that much further.  I found the mix of HIIT and mindfulness to be original and kept  my mind focussed on each exercise. There was hardly any time to rest, but the variety of upbeat and slower exercises allowed me to calm my mind, catch my breath and keep up the good work until the end of the class. Don’t be fooled by the calm ambience of the studio – you’ll be sweating buckets by the time your class has finished! ‘The Method’ class at Studio One is definitely worth a try for anyone looking to shake up their fitness regime.

‘The Method’ class at Studio One runs Monday 6:15-7pm, Tuesday 6.30-7.30pm, Wednesday 7-7:45am, Saturday 10:45-11:30am, with more times to be announced.

‘The Method’ class at Studio One costs £18 for a drop in class, or £13 on a Studio One Pay as you Go top-up card,