Red Nose Day: how to get involved

22 March 2017 by
First published: 18 March 2017

Red Nose Day: how to get involved and raise money for Comic Relief.

Red Nose Day is back again on Friday, 24 March – and there are so many fun and creative ways for you to raise money for Comic Relief, from bake sales to quiz nights. Stuck for ideas? Here’s how you can get involved.

Ready, steady, bake

Who doesn’t love a bake sale? Deliciously sweet cakes are always bound to go down a treat and raise a whole lot of money for a good cause. You can easily organise a fun bake sale at school, college or work. You could even take it up a notch with a friendly baking off.

Get the party started

Prefer to party? Let loose this Red Nose Day and have a blast raising money for charity. It’s up to you how you choose to let your hair down, whether you decide to belt out a classic 80s ballad during karaoke or host a dance off with your nearest and dearest.

So fancy

Let your imagination run free when you get involved with Red Nose Day by taking part in fancy dress. Either choose to go subtle by wearing a pair of red shoes for the week, or you could pull out all the stops with an eccentric fancy-dress theme. Think outside the box!

Up for the challenge?

Whether you’ve always dreamed of going skydiving, climbing to the top of a mountain or dying your hair a crazy colour, now’s the time to finally do it in the name of a worthy cause. A little bit of a sponsorship money will give you the push you need to complete your goal. Go for it!

Lead by the nose

It’s called Red Nose Day for a reason, so don that red nose loud and proud to show your support for the biennial UK fundraising event. Pick up your red nose at Sainsbury’s, Oxfam or at and make sure you look out for the 10 new Red Nose characters doing the rounds this year – including a rare silver nose.

Donate, donate, donate

At the end of the day, the most important aspect of Red Nose Day is raising as much money as possible for Comic Relief. At least 60p from the sale of each red nose is used to help improve the lives of disadvantaged people living in the UK and across Africa. If you do nothing else, donate to the cause.

Give up?

Giving something up can often be a harder challenge then trying something new, so why not put yourself to the test to raise some money for charity? Let’s see if you can stay off Twitter for a week or avoid eating unhealthy snacks during the day. It may be difficult, but it’’l be so worth it.


There’s nothing wrong with a bit of competition, especially in the name of Comic Relief. Hosting a quiz night will not only be fun time with friends, but it’s also a fantastic way to quickly and easily collect some coin. You’d better come prepared with lots of not-so-useless trivia if you want to take home first prize!

Swear jar

It may seem like a really simple idea, but one of the quickest ways to raise money for charity is creating a swear jar. When you think about how many times people automatically swear on a daily basis, it should come as no surprise that a swear jar is a winning fundraising tool.

Paint the town red

Why stop at the red nose? If you really want to show your absolute support for Red Nose Day, then paint the town red with your enthusiasm. Put on red lipstick, tie your hair up with red scrunchies, wear red shoes, dye your hair red – go all out!