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First published: 24 May 2017

Clean Eating Alice took some time out for a Q&A with us to give you an insight into her life. Prepare to be inspired.

Taking better care of your diet and living a generally healthy life doesn’t necessarily require making extreme changes to your daily routine. With the right knowledge and determination, you can easily start making small adjustments for huge results. That’s exactly how Alice Liveing, otherwise known as Clean Eating Alice, started her journey.

She went from being an uninformed university student to a pioneer in the health and fitness world alongside other household names like Joe Wicks, and now she’s inspiring others to follow in her footsteps. We chatted to Clean Eating Alice all about the positive effects of living healthily, her favorite workouts and raising awareness for gut health through her recent partnership with Udo’s Choice.

You’ve come a long way ever since starting your health and fitness journey back at university. What part of your journey are you most proud of so far?

I would have to say I am most proud of hopefully inspiring other women to ditch the diets and free themselves from the previous misconception of healthy equalling restriction.

How did you figure out what types of foods and forms of exercise were right for you?

It was definitely a period of trial and error until I found what worked for me. Having followed fad diets for so long, to actually take control and educate myself on how to make my own decisions about what my body needed was incredibly empowering.

I used lots of different resources to help me find what worked for me, from books to social media, and then applied this newfound knowledge and figured out what felt best.

When did you first realise that you were making progress?

It took a few months before I really started to notice progression with my training, but I must add that while my physique may not have changed instantly, the change in my nutrition and how it made me feel was quite instantaneous. I had more energy throughout the day, I slept better, and found that my moods were far more consistent.

You have such an amazing following on social media. What’s it like connecting with thousands of people on a daily basis?

It does feel a little surreal knowing that thousands of people are interested in what I do, but I hope I fully embrace the responsibility that comes with having a large following and continue to put across a balanced healthy approach to both nutrition and training.

Could you take us through a brief outline of your weekly workout routine?

Sure. I usually train around four to five times a week, and the majority of these sessions involve weight-training. At the start of my journey I found a passion for resistance training and I have continued to pursue this. Generally I focus my sessions with an upper-body or lower-body split, and each session usually lasts around an hour.

What’s your favourite form of exercise, and which do you find the hardest?

My favourite form of exercise is strength training. I’ve found that it’s something I’ve developed a real interest in and passion for, and it continues to challenge my body as I gain strength. I find endurance training, such as long-distance running, extremely hard and so I rarely do it. My body just isn’t built for endurance.

Do you believe there are misconceptions about women who work out, especially women who lift weights?

I believe we’re getting past this myth now, but I am still trying to push the physical and psychological benefits of weight-training to women, and women of any age too.

Many people believe it’s too expensive and time-consuming to follow a healthy diet. What do you think about that?

I find this a real challenge to disprove to some people, but on a personal level, I began my journey at university as a very poor student. I agree, it can feel like hard work at first, but I firmly believe that by developing healthy habits, it will soon feel second nature to prepare a breakfast, for example.

As with anything that distracts us from our usual schedule, change can feel weird, challenging, but I often find that after a few weeks this feeling is easily overcome.

Tell us about your recent partnership with Udo’s Choice to raise awareness for gut health…

I think it is something that is becoming increasingly important, and for good reason. Gut health has shown to be pivotal in our general wellbeing, and for this reason I was thrilled to join forces with Udo’s Choice to educate and inspire others to take care of their gut.

Have you always used Udo’s Choice products? Which of their products are your favourites and why?

I have been a fan of Udo’s Choice for a while now, and particularly love their Super 8 Probiotics and Ultimate Oil Blend. These both feature in my own diet and have been a beneficial tool in improving my own gut health.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to start living a healthier and fitter life?

I honestly feel on this topic that there is no better time to start than now. It’s often put across in the media as though we need to make drastic changes to improve our diet and to generally live a ‘healthier’ life, but I would argue that this just isn’t the case.

Many of us, through making small and simple changes such as walking more each day, drinking more water and eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, can drastically improve how we look and feel.

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Q&A with Clean Eating Alice
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Q&A with Clean Eating Alice
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