Prickly Berry ice lolly

23 August 2017 by
First published: 23 August 2017

Nothing says summer better than a Prickly Berry ice lolly!

Make the most of the last of the summer with this unusual take on the standard ice lolly. Packed with berry goodness, the cactus water gives it real edge for a unique lolly friends and family will love.


100g raspberries

100g strawberries, sliced

100g pomegranate seeds

True Nopal cactus water

Juice from one lemon


Fill ice lolly moulds with raspberries, sliced strawberries and pomegranate seeds

In a separate container, mix True Nopal cactus water and juice from one lemon.

Fill ice lolly moulds with True Nopal and lemon juice mixture until full.

Freeze and then enjoy!

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Prickly Berry ice lolly
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