A mindfulness workshop for everyday people

9 August 2017 by
First published: 15 May 2017

Find calm among your chaos by joining a mindfulness workshop for everyday people, held by Ashley Hunt.

Whether you’re based in London or spend your days in leafier parts of the country, balancing work and life can be stressful and hectic. Now you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life by joining Ashley Hunt on her mission to get everyone a little healthier and happier. The London-based wellness coach recently escaped the cold winter and headed to her home of New Zealand where she taught classes, led workshops and ran retreats. We’re pretty excited that she’s finally back in London to help us find inner peace and inspire even more people to do the same. Here is your personal invite. Ashley will be holding a meditation and mindfulness workshop on Saturday 3 June. You won’t regret coming along.

About Ashley

Ashley is just a regular girl with a simple mission. She believes everyone can benefit from establishing a meditation practice and that resources to learn this powerful skill should be available to all. Discovering meditation changed her life. In her early 20s, she found herself thriving after practising meditation. With regular meditation, her mood improved, her energy levels increased and she became more productive. Shouldn’t everyone get a chance to experience that?

If you’ve never tried anything like this before, don’t worry. Ashley teaches with a style that is accessible and practical. Her sessions are intimate, cosy and personal.

About the workshop

Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary. There’ll be no uncomfortable lotus positions, no strict rules or rigid backs. Ashley is not a healer or a guru. Her mission is simply to help you learn how even the simplest mindfulness practices can impact your life in the best way possible.

The workshop starts at 1pm. First, you’ll cover the history of meditation and discover how to make it work in the modern world. Then you can learn how to create a meditation routine that will suit your lifestyle and help you say goodbye to stress and anxiety while learning how to define your purpose and reach your goals. The workshop will stress the importance of meditation in your self-care routine and encourage you to discover why looking after yourself isn’t selfish.

Ready to clear your mind? Join us at Stretch, Columbia Road on Saturday 3 June. Head over to stretch-london.com/workshops to book your ticket (£30).