London in the sky

22 March 2017 by
First published: 6 April 2017

London in the sky: taking yoga to new heights.

What better way to celebrate the launch of Ted Baker’s new activewear collection than with an early morning yoga session overlooking London? We were lucky enough to explore London in the sky, taking yoga to new heights with Fat Buddha Yoga on Landing 42 at the Leadenhall Building.

The sensational panoramic views of London provided a very scenic backdrop for our vinyasa yoga session. Everyone in the class was decked out with gear from Ted Baker’s new activewear collection, which merges pretty designs with great functionality. The pink and blues hues of the lighting in the room made for a very calm and tranquil atmosphere. I’m not a morning person in the slightest, but taking in the fantastic view of London that Landing 42 has to offer just as the rest of the city was waking up somehow spiked my energy levels. I was definitely ready to get my downward dog on!

The lowdown

With vinyasa yoga you focus on using your breath to flow in between movements and sequences. As a yoga beginner, I found it fairly easy to follow the teacher’s instructions. The class catered to all levels of difficulty, which I found very reassuring being as inexperienced as I am. It was up to you how far you pushed yourself. I was left in awe by some of the class attendees demonstrating perfect yoga headstands, as I struggled to balance in warrior II position. As the class went on, I was able to gain a better understanding of how your breath and body work as one during vinyasa yoga. Even though I was definitely one of the more amateur members of the class, I really enjoyed putting my flexibility and balance to the test.

Following the class taught by Fat Buddha Yoga, we were treated to a selection of breakfast bites from Ethos and smoothies from the likes of Innocent Smoothie and Plenish to keep us going for the rest of the morning. As someone who cherishes those extra minutes of sleep in the morning, I was surprised to find that starting the day with a healthy dose of exercise is a great way to wake yourself up.

The verdict

Eye-catching sportswear, amazing views over the capital and a fun yoga session – what’s not to love? The early wake-up call was a bit of a shock to the system, but if you want to experience doing yoga on top of the world at sunrise then you need to do it properly. Even on a grey and rainy day, the view from Landing 42 was pretty spectacular.

I wore the Ted Baker Blue Lagoon full length leggings and T-shirt for the class, both of which fitted comfortably and kept me nice and cool during the workout. We were also given an exclusive look at the rest of the collection, which combines a variety of popping prints with practicality. To top it all off, the nutritious nibbles and healthy smoothies available at the end of the class were definitely welcome refreshments. When it came time to leave, I felt reinvigorated, energised and ready to take on the day.