Keep your cool on Christmas Day

20 April 2017 by
First published: 25 December 2016

 It is possible to keep your cool on Christmas Day. Just follow these top 10 tips and breathe…

Hands up if you’re already fearing the chaos and pressure of planning the most talked about day of the year. In preparation for Christmas Day, the average household spends over £835 with most of us spending more online than originally planned. While hectic crowds during Christmas may seem inevitably stressful, Christmas Day stress is usually our own doing. Counterproductive and unhealthy, stress can leave the body feeling run down and exhausted. It’s difficult not to strive for perfection, but this year go easy on yourself with these 10 easy tips to help you stay cool and cheerful.

Plan ahead

Strengthen your organisational skills by making to-do lists not only in the run up to Christmas, but on the day to avoid the initial causes of stress. Start off with a healthy breakfast to boost your brain power and go over your list to make sure everything is running according to plan. If you’re lucky enough to be spending Christmas at home, try cooking parts of your meals in advance and keep decorations simple. This will help you to focus less on cooking times when you should be celebrating and socialising. If you’re spending the day away from home, try to check your travel arrangements early to avoid unexpected delays.


Be disciplined and follow your usual daily exercise regime to release the endorphins that keep you feeling positive throughout the day. Not only does exercising first thing in the morning refresh your body and mind it also motivates you to make healthier decisions throughout the day. Although the gym may not necessarily be open on Christmas Day, outdoor or at-home exercises can be a great opportunity to challenge yourself to switch up your routine.

Take a relaxing bath 

Fill the tub, gather all your essentials (your favourite magazine, soothing music and calming lavender candles) and unwind. A long relaxing soak in the bath is an easy way to relieve tension caused by stress.

Spoil yourself 

Turn up the volume and sing along to your favourite Christmas classics. All while indulging in festive treats such as mulled wine, chocolate and mince pies.

Take time for yourself

Gain a clear perspective of stressful situations by practising guided meditation such as those offered by wellness expert Ashley Hunt. Designed to relieve tension and rebalance your emotions the mindful practice of meditation can aid productivity as well as be extremely relaxing. Prayer is also seen as an effective way of meditating around the world. Whether written, spoken or simply thought off, taking some peaceful time to reorder your thoughts can be soothing.

Go for a stroll

Take a winter wander away from the hustle and bustle, leaving technology behind to completely clear your mind without distraction.

Watch a movie

Escape into a classic Christmas film. With the choice of family-friendly comedies or more traditional festive films, you can avoid becoming the Grinch by simply shifting your focus for a few hours on to something merrier.

Share the load 

Balance your cooking and baking strengths where possible with others to relieve the pressure and stress that often comes with preparing Christmas meals. While the saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ can be true in regards to too many people being in the kitchen at once, the responsibility of cooking can be shared throughout the day if organised and communicated clearly to balance the workload.


Delve into a good book. According to research from The University of Sussex this is the quickest way of relaxing compared to listening to music and drinking hot beverages.  Lowering the heart rate to help the body relax, a few minutes reading could be the best break away from a chaotic Christmas Day.

Spend quality time with loved ones 

Enjoy conversation and games with friends and family members to gain comfort in your distress as well as create lasting memories.