Just Dance 2017 x Gymbox

20 April 2017 by
First published: 6 January 2017

To celebrate the release of the latest version of the dance workout game, Just Dance 2017, Gymbox has teamed up with the fitness game for Just Dance 2017 x Gymbox – a fantastic class that was created at the end of 2016 at Gymbox in Covent Garden. The invigorating routines are choreographed by Gymbox’s very own James Dawkins, who takes his inspiration from the dance moves featured in the game. The choreography is fun, gives you a fantastic rush and definitely makes you work up a sweat.

Ubisoft, the mastermind behind Just Dance, teamed up with professional dancer, choreographer, and former Pussycat Doll, Kimberly Wyatt, to show everyone exactly what Just Dance 2017 x Gymbox is all about. Kimberly’s a firm believer in dance as not only a fun activity, but also an effective form of exercise. Luckily, the Just Dance 2017 x Gymbox class ticks both of those boxes! Kimberly went along to try a class for herself and had an absolute blast. Check out the video below.

The lowdown

We Heart Living also busted a move at  the Just Dance 2017 x Gymbox class, which was led by the choreographer James Dawkins himself. He made it his mission to pump up everyone in the class from the very beginning by teaching us a very important motto: ‘When in doubt, shake it out!’ No matter how hard the class became, as long as we kept on moving and enjoying ourselves, that’s all that mattered.

As the dance routines taught in the class are inspired by the game, the songs we danced to also feature on the track list for Just Dance 2017. We boogied to some chart-topping tunes, including Rihanna’s ‘Work’, Little Mix’s ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ and Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’, to name a few. James definitely didn’t hold back with the choreography. We were twerking, body rippling and showing off our fancy footwork all over the dance floor. The routines varied in speed and complexity, which kept our minds focussed at all times. It didn’t matter that the glass-walled studio looked out onto onlookers running on the treadmill on the gym floor below – as soon as the music started, all inhibitions went out the window.

It wouldn’t be a workout class without a few exercise moves to put us through our paces. James integrated everything from squats, lunges, planks and press-ups into his routines, so there was no room for any slacking. The move we found the hardest to master was the plank jacks during the chorus of Fifth Harmony’s ‘Worth It’. But when it comes to exercise classes, the harder you work, the better you feel afterwards. There’s no point taking part if you’re not going to give your all!

The verdict

To say that we enjoyed every second of this class is a massive understatement. We love classes where you can lose yourself and let go of the stresses in your life, and Just Dance 2017 x Gymbox definitely delivered. It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself to be a good dancer or not – how you feel is what really matters. We’re no Beyoncé, but that didn’t stop us from channeling our inner Sasha Fierce.

If you’re determined to boost your fitness this year but you want to avoid resorting to the same old repetitive gym routine, then you should shake things up with Just Dance 2017. You can invite friends and family to dance with you, go solo or even connect with dancers all over the world! You’re guaranteed to have an amazing time dancing with the added bonus of a full-body workout.

Available on PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and Digital PC, from £29.99, Amazon