Why you should Fly at Fierce Grace

18 April 2017 by
First published: 27 April 2017

Here’s why you should try Fly at Fierce Grace and turn yoga on its head.

Whether you backbend daily or are only just rolling out your mat, you’re probably under the illusion that the awesome inversions and arm balances you see on Instagram are ever-so-slightly out of reach. Truth is, given the right tuition and enough practice, looking and feeling like a kick-ass yogi might be easier than you think.

What is Fly at Fierce Grace?

Fly at Fierce Grace is a 60-minute workshop-style class that aims to get you off the ground in a safe and fun environment. While other classes may touch on poses like the Crow and Crane, Fly is dedicated purely to these aerial moves. Set in a heated studio, Fly’s two-pronged approach to getting you inverted is certainly effective. Every hold includes a preceding flow sequence specifically designed to prepare the areas that are about to be used, before you’re taken into it, step by step.

Classes are slow-paced and incredibly relaxed. Demos of each pose are given at the front, questions are encouraged and the instructor can always be found wandering between mats, tweaking an arm here and adjusting a leg there. The classes may look big, but you’ll receive more attention than you’ve probably experienced before. You’ll get to try poses including the crow, crane, side crow, flying pigeon and dolphin, with each one easily regressed or progressed depending on your level. Bricks are readily available to assist you in certain aspects of a move, and the vibe is totally friendly.

Why we love it

We spent the whole class giggling like children while falling on our faces, which probably gives you the idea. This class is plain fun. If your workouts are usually fast-paced, intense and extremely focused – or, indeed, if you’re just looking for a change – this might just be the relief you need.

But don’t be fooled. This class may be fun, but it’s by no means easy. Although taken at your own pace, each hold requires an immense amount of upper-body strength, precision and endurance that you can only appreciate by experiencing for yourself. While the experts might make it look simple, rest assured the first couple of sessions will have your muscles shaking like leaves. Do the class enough times though and you’ll notice the improvements – seemingly more advanced members of the class turned out only to have a couple of extra classes to their name, but were crow-ing and crane-ing with ease.

Then comes the satisfaction. When you finally manage to hold a pose – even if it’s for a fleeting second – you get a taste of how it feels to be holding your weight off the ground in an uber-cool way. And the class won’t only up your Insta game; perfecting these holds will increase your upper-body strength by leaps and bounds, which will have a knock-on effect when it comes to other sports and exercise.


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