What should you eat to feel happier?

10 March 2017 by
First published: 20 March 2017

No one feels amazing every day and managing those down days naturally with certain foods will really help boost your mood. Read on to discover what you should eat to feel happier…

You may have noticed a spring in your step with (ahem) spring’s arrival. Brighter starts and lighter evenings often lift our mood as we head towards the sunnier months, but it doesn’t work for everyone. For some of us, we struggle with our moods and can often feel cranky, tired, emotional or irritable; and sometimes it feels like there’s absolutely no reason for it.  The good news is, there are some neat life hacks that can help you manage your moods, naturally.

Protein is king

Aim to base every meal and snack around protein. We normally think of protein as a body-builder, which it is, but it’s also great for keeping you fuller for longer, which helps keep your energy levels and moods more stable; without any of the sugar crashes that a high-carb diet brings. Boost your breakfast with nut butters such as Indigo Herb’s Organic Raw Almond Butter, snack on nuts with a piece of fruit and then make sure lunches and dinners have a hand-sized piece of protein such as chicken, fish or lentils.

Boost your omega-3

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid (essential because the body can’t make it itself and so we must get it from food), and bearing in mind that the brain is 60 per cent fat you can see why this nutrient is so important in helping us manage our moods. Sources of omega-3 include oily fish such as salmon and mackerel, but you can also use hemp seeds, which can easily be sprinkled on breakfast, in smoothies or on salads – try Indigo Herbs Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds.

Eat more (dark) chocolate! 

Yes, we said chocolate – the darker the better. Cocoa contains polyphenols that can have a positive effect on your mood; and there has been significant research into how they can ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. Try some raw organic cacao nibs on top of your yoghurt, porridge or smoothie bowl at breakfast; or use some gorgeous organic cacao powder in your baking for a real treat. They’re completely natural and organic, and contain just four ingredients. So they’re basically saintly.

Make a cup of tea
Us Brits tend to love a cuppa, but try swapping your regular brew for jasmine tea, which can help brighten your day because it helps to calm nerves and is known to be uplifting. If you struggle to unwind and sleep at the end of the day, then a mug of Indigo Herb’s Sleep Deep Blend will soon have you feeling calmer before bed. The chamomile, lavender and valerian help your nervous system to relax and aid a good night’s sleep.