DIY zest espresso face scrub

20 April 2017 by
First published: 20 April 2017

Coffee and tangerine is a killer combination for skin and it works a treat in this skin-saving DIY zest espresso face scrub. The addition of Himalayan salt makes it the perfect detox treatment – the salt is high in minerals and nutrients that are released as it mixes with warm water. Salt is also great for soothing tired muscles and easing joint and muscle tension. The tangerine, meanwhile, is a milder member of the citrus essential oil crew, known to help reduce fluid retention, in turn minimising the appearance of bumps and stretch marks. Finally, the vitamin E in the sweet almond oil helps to smooth and brighten your skin while leaving it moisturised and hydrated. Enjoy!


150g ground coffee
30g pink Himalayan salt
20ml sweet almond oil
5 drops of tangerine essential oil


Mix all the ingredients together and gently massage into the face.

The longer you can keep this scrub on before washing off the better; 5-10 minutes will allow the caffeine to activate and penetrate the skin further.

Plumper, smoother skin awaits!

The recipe makes a batch, which can be kept for three months in an airtight container.

Keep wet fingers out so the shelf life isn’t compromised – instead, use a spoon or scoop.

Recipe from Clean Beauty by Dominika Minarovic and Elsie Rutterford, published by Square Peg. Available from