Disco yoga

20 April 2017 by
First published: 10 December 2016

Yes, you read that right. Get ready to boogie with disco yoga.

What are the first words that pop into your head when you think about yoga? Peace, quiet and tranquility would usually spring to mind. Well, get ready for your perception  to completely change with disco yoga, the funkiest new class bringing boogie back to the fitness world.

Sarah Hunt of Sarah Hunt Yoga and DJ Darlo, who has been DJ-ing on the London party scene for more than 10 years, are the duo behind disco yoga. The idea for this new fitness craze first came about when Sarah was playing upbeat music while teaching a regular yoga class. When a disco tune happened to start playing midway the concept was born. Sarah was always inspired by dance, jazz, tap and ballet as a child, so it should come as no surprise that she has managed to bring disco and yoga together to create a truly unique and fun form of exercise.

I took part in a disco yoga class in the basement club of Trapeze Bar in Shoreditch. Trapeze is quite a quirky bar so, as I descended the stairs to the basement, I knew I was in for an interesting experience. With a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, a glitter station at the back of the room and both Sarah Hunt and DJ Darlo dressed in dazzling, metallic unitards, I was ready to fully immerse myself. After my lips were painted with pink glitter (which I wish I could wear every day), I sat down at my mat, prepared to begin the class.

Sarah’s enthusiasm is ridiculously contagious. She’s passionate about disco yoga, and that really comes across in the class. Sarah and DJ Darlo work well together as a team, with DJ Darlo playing classic disco tracks from the likes of Diana Ross, Donna Summer and The Jackson 5, and Sarah put us through our paces with a variety of yoga poses and transitions. We were encouraged to let our bodies move to the music, which is a big relief for a yoga newbies like myself, as we didn’t have to stay still for too long in positions that we found slightly uncomfortable. Every now and then, we would break from yoga entirely for a freestyle dance on our mats. It was really lovely to see everyone let loose and allow their inhibitions to take a back seat.

After the class, we were treated to a choice of superfood cocktails (Kale and the Gang, Disco Inferno, Blame it on the Blueberry) and mocktails at the bar. I chose a coconut and chia seed cocktail that I wish I’d got the recipe for, as it was absolutely delicious.

Yoga isn’t just a form of exercise, it’s also a great way to escape from any worries weighing you down. Many people might think that yoga is most effective when practised in a calm environment, but disco yoga provides an alternative way to let go of all tension in your body and put your problems aside. There’s no way you can go to this class and not boogie to the music. Just try it and see for yourself!

Disco Yoga takes place every Tuesday at 19:30 at Trapeze Bar in Shoreditch, £15 per person. Plus, sign up for a disco yoga session at Century Club Soho on 18 January at 19:30 and at pop-ups, festivals and private events nationwide. Visit discoyoga.uk for more information.