Creating Platforms with Kicking the Kyriarchy

26 May 2017 by
First published: 26 May 2017

Listen to Kicking the Kyriarchy, an intersectional feminist podcast giving a voice to the marginalised.

The accessibility of podcasts means there are so many people all over the world who are able to listen to them on a daily basis. Kicking the Kyriarchy is a powerful podcast that aims to shed light on several topics that play an important role in today’s society. We take a look at how podcasts have grown as an influential platform in recent years, how Kicking the Kyriarchy is giving marginalised people the spotlight they deserve and how you can get involved by attending the recording of their one-year anniversary episode live.

The podcast platform

Podcasting may still seem like a fairly new digital platform, but they actually go as far back as the 1980s. They began to gain far more popularity in the early 00s with the release of the original iPod and then even more so in 2014, when Serial became a massive hit (you might have heard of it!). Listening to podcasts is like listening to the radio, except it’s way more accessible. The ability to download a podcast and tune in wherever you are is practical and convenient, and has turned podcasting into an influential and far-reaching platform.

It should come as no surprise, then, that podcasts have become increasingly popular. Our society is constantly moving, so it makes sense that people would respond well to a form of entertainment that they can listen to on their terms. Plus, podcasts have given so many people the opportunity to create as well as connect with listeners on a variety of topics.

Creating your own podcast is both simple and affordable, which has allowed people from all kinds of backgrounds to have their voices heard. Nowadays, podcasting is highly respected, with many people and publications using the platform to help listeners escape into riveting stories and start important discussions about the complicated world we live in.

Kicking the Kyriarchy

As a newbie when it comes to listening to podcasts, finding something you think you’ll enjoy can be pretty overwhelming. But if you’re interested in topics such as feminism, mental health and relationships, then Kicking the Kyriarchy should be at the top of your list. The intersectional feminism podcast is making a conscious effort to raise awareness about important issues that, in our opinion, aren’t talked about enough.

Kicking the Kyriarchy aims to give a voice to the oppressed in our society. You might have heard of the patriarchy, but the term kyriarchy isn’t as widely used – so what is it? A kyriarchy is a social system that functions by oppressing people based on several aspects of their identity which may intersect, such as their race, gender identity, or whether or not they have a disability. While the term ‘patriarchy’ focuses solely on gender identity (the systematic inequality and disadvantages that women face), ‘kyriarchy’ takes everything into account. Kicking the Kyriarchy highlights a number of different issues in their podcast, focusing on something different in great detail in each episode.

Kicking the Kyriarchy was created and is produced by Elena Guthrie and Sidonie Bertrand-Shelton, both of whom are fully aware of their white privilege – but use it to give a voice to people who may otherwise go ignored. The guests who they invite onto the podcast lead the conversation and discuss their personal experiences, and as a result, Kicking the Kyriarchy is a podcast that is poignant, current and compelling. Sound like something that you want to be a part of? Then don’t miss their live recording next week – for free.

Watch it live

To mark their one-year birthday since launching the podcast, Kicking the Kyriarchy is giving you the chance to come and watch a live episode being recorded at the General Assembly in London. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to witness what we predict will be a riveting discussion, with the chosen topic for the live episode being ‘Creating Platforms’.

In today’s day and age where the drama of politics has taken over every corner of our lives, creating inspirational content is more vital now than ever. So who better to ask to join the conversation than three people who have experience in creating content and making an impact as a result? The guests confirmed for the event are Consented, Melanin Millennials and Ladybeard, all of whom will be chatting with Elena and Sidonie about the power that creative platforms can have to initiate positive change.

On the night, Kicking the Kyriarchy will be collecting sanitary items for The Homeless Period, who provide sanitary care for homeless women, so make sure you bring some along with you to the event.

Kicking the Kyriarchy, Turns 1: Live Podcast Recording is taking place on Wednesday 31st May from 6-9pm.

Visit for more information on the FREE event.