Celebrate women with Shextreme Film Festival

30 August 2017 by
First published: 30 August 2017

Celebrate women with Shextreme Film Festival

Take a trip on the wild side with Shextreme Film Festival – the festival lauding women with a penchant for extreme sports!

What is it?

Shextreme Film Festival is an exciting event taking place this autumn. It brings women together from all spheres of the extreme sports community to do what they do best – share their love of adventure!

However, this festival isn’t just about discussing the best mountain bike tracks in the UK. You’ll have the chance to watch inspirational films made by a bunch of incredible women. You’ll even have the opportunity to share your story too!

All sorts of women will be in attendance at Shextreme Film Festival, from cyclists to surfers to snowboarders. Who knows, maybe some of their stories and experiences may spur you on to try out a new form of extreme sports.

The Shextreme Film Festival is a very special event. It gives women with a zest for life the opportunity to stand on a platform alongside one another and express themselves creatively. They’ll be able to share their experiences with likeminded people and inspire others to step out of their comfort zones.

During the festival, you’ll have the chance to meet amazing women and watch fantastic adventure films on the big screen. On top of that, you can take part in a film school training course, visit fun pop-up shops and watch live art performances. There’s so much going on, so we definitely wouldn’t advise missing out…

When is it?

The Shextreme Film Festival is a two-day event, which will be taking place in Bristol this year from 5-6 October.

If you’re not able to make it to Bristol for the festival, Shextreme is also launching a BFI Film Audience Network-supported Shextreme Film Tour of the UK’s South West. This will be taking place on Tuesday 10 October at Exeter: Phoenix, Wednesday 11 October at The Poly in Falmouth and Thursday 12 October at Lighthouse Cinema in Newquay.

For more information about Shextreme Film Festival, the BFI-supported film tour and how to attend or get involved head to shextreme-film-festival.com or follow Shextreem on Twitter at @shextreme_ or on Facebook at @shextreme.tv

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