5 reasons why you should hit the slopes

27 October 2015 by
First published: 31 October 2015

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of carving through crisp, white snow on a sunny winter’s day. If you haven’t been skiing or snowboarding before, it’s without doubt a sport you should try. And it’s never been easier to get involved.

Snowsport England has launched a campaign GO SKI, GO BOARD, which aims to get people into the sport and offers beginner, intermediate and recreational classes at 32 indoor and artificial snow slopes up and down the country.

Even better, they’ve teamed up with Sport England’s #ThisGirlCan campaign, which is all about celebrating active women all over the country getting out there and doing their thing no matter how they look or how well they do it.  So no matter your age, your fitness levels or whether you fall 38 times and get a face-full of snow or not, just get out there and have a go. Just be aware, there is a very high chance you will get the winter sports bug and be addicted for the rest of your life…

There are a million and one reasons to love skiing and snowboarding (and yes, après is up there!) but here are our top five:

It’s a great way to get fit

Skiing and snowboarding are both incredibly good for you. Not only can you burn up to 3,000 calories in a six-hour sesh, the art of balancing on a board or skis means your core muscles are constantly engaged, AKA: the route to a flat tummy! The sports also give a great full-body workout, toning all of your muscles without you even realising and particularly targeting thighs, hamstrings and bum.

It’s fun!

Skiing and snowboarding may well become your new favourite sport. Whether you’re at a local dry slope or high up in the mountains surrounded by blue skies, there is no other activity like it. The adrenaline of zooming down a slope makes you feel completely alive and invigorated.

It’s super sociable

If you’ve been skiing or snowboarding before, you’ll know what we mean. Hop on a chairlift with a few other skiers and you will immediately be swapping snow-related stories (and chances are, you’ll probably see them at après a few hours later). Whether you’re with family or friends, the atmosphere and entire skiing/snowboard scene is friendly, lively and cheerful. You’ll be laughing at yourself for falling over, helping your friends up from sliding across the snow and racing your family down that slope in no time.

You can do it at any age

Case in point is Diane Horne, who took up skiing just two years ago aged 47 and was diagnosed with breast cancer in June. ‘I have to keep stopping as I get more tired now,’ she said. ‘But having the illness has made me more determined to do this.  I am going to carry on as long as I can. I am not sure why I didn’t try snowboarding sooner – I love it.’ This girl definitely can!

And professional British snowboarder Jenny Jones, started her career on a local dry slope and became the first Briton to win an Olympic medal in a snow event, winning bronze at the Sochi Olympics aged 34. It’s a sport you can start at any age, but a sport you are sure to always love. Many women even ski into their 70s – how many other sports can you say that about? You can’t exactly play football with grandma…

You will look super cool

OK so you may be no Shaun White but even if you just nail that turn, you are guaranteed to look super stylish. And whether you’re a beginner skier learning how to snow plough or an advanced snowboarder turning in the air, when you get the hang of it, you will feel amazing. And let’s not even get started on the amount of cool ski and snowboard gear that’s out there…

If you want to get involved (and you should), visit goskigoboard.org.uk where you can find more information and your nearest dry slope. And for more information on This Girl Can visit thisgirlcan.co.uk