5 reasons why you should do gymnastics

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First published: 6 July 2016

Here’s 5 reasons why you should do gymnastics to look and feel better…

Gymnastics is a physical, competitive sport that requires a lot of strength, coordination, endurance and not to mention confidence. However, it isn’t just for the Gabby Douglas’ of the world. In fact, it’s designed for all ages and abilities. Here’s are our top 5 reasons why you should do gymnastics.

1.Helps you gain more strength
If you want to tone your body  then this is a good option for you. Gymnastics predominately uses body weight exercises to build upper and lower body strength, as well as your core. Claire Jackson from British Gymnastics, explains that the sport allows you to: ‘gain strength and tone without adding muscle bulk.’
She continues: ‘You can mix and match different types of gymnastics for variation and different results; aerobic gymnastics for energetic cardio, artistic gymnastics for upper body strength and acrobatic gymnastics using your body weight to perform routines with partners and in a group.’

2. Enhances your flexibility
There’s no doubt that flexibility is a fundamental factor in gymnastics, but if you struggle to touch your toes, don’t fret, because gymnastics can help you to stretch out. Gymnastics’ combination of primary exercises formed into a standard routine are beneficial for stretching out body parts.

3. Improves your co-ordination
Like any form of sport, having good co-ordination can enhance balance and stability, which can really make a difference to the performance. Gymnastics improves both dynamic and passive balance. In fact, according to Claire: ‘agility and co-ordination will naturally improve through any type of gymnastics.’
The artistic apparatus used in gymnastics is a great tool for co-ordination and balance: ‘you can learn to improve your spatial awareness and sense of balance by moving along a beam or bouncing on a trampoline,’ she says.

4. Boosts your confidence
One thing that’s underestimated in life is the ability to perform in front of people in a pressured situation. Sure, athletes make it seem easy, but that’s because their performance skills become second nature to them. Claire says: ‘you can learn cool new skills like a backflip or somersault in just a month, and then performing them feels fantastic!’
Challenging yourself within gymnastics enables you to take that boost of confidence to other social circumstances – such as keeping good balance when it comes to walking in those stilettos on Friday night!

5. Develops key social skills
If you are still not convinced, then here’s your number one reason to do gymnastics. It’s FUN! Gymnastics totally rocks the fun factor and what better way to fill your free time than with something you love that will keep you happy and healthy?
Claire says: ‘gymnastics clubs are friendly and encouraging, you’ll meet new people who really support each other when learning new skills and you’ll have a lot of fun.

So what are you waiting for? Explore gymnastics and find your local club at DiscoverGymnastics.uk

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