5 reasons to work out with a friend

20 April 2017 by
First published: 26 October 2016

Dread going to the gym? Here are 5 reasons to work out with a friend. As finding the motivation to exercise on a regular basis is always tough. But with a friend it’s a lot more fun, and research has claimed that working out with your mates makes you do 33 per cent more exercise in each session.

No one likes a flake

It’s so much harder backing out of your gym plans when you have someone you have to tell. No one wants to be the boring friend who can’t be bothered to get out of bed, and if you have someone telling you to get yourself moving, it is hard to say no. Once you find yourself at the gym after much persuasion, you can help each other to run that bit further with some encouragement. Or, if you are the competitive type, you’re going to want to be able to run that little bit faster and longer than your pal. Don’t be ashamed: we all do it!

It makes exercising more fun

Everything you do with your friends becomes that little more fun doesn’t it? The same rule applies to the gym. With a partner, you can do fun activities like swimming or playing tennis that will burn a lot of calories without you even realising. Or even just doing weights together means that you can make exercising more social. Everything is so much better when you have a friend by your side.

Help each other achieve goals

Telling your friends about your goal weight or ideal muscle/fat ratio will make it much more difficult if you try to have a cheat day. You won’t be able to scoff a share bag of crisps or not go to the gym if your friend knows exactly what your target is. And you can do the same for them. It’s so easy to stray from a workout plan, but having a group of friends who will tell you off if you become lazy will help you reach your goals much faster.

Bonding time

Everyone knows that exercising releases endorphins, which makes you feel really happy. Imagine if you have a friend with you who’s getting that little rush of endorphins at the same time. You are going to have loads of fun sweating it out on the treadmill. Exercising regularly with a friend supposedly improves your social wellbeing, meaning that you are more likely to be content with your social life and get on better with people. Sign us up!

Safety in numbers

Have you ever decided to be really brave and sign up for a Zumba or a Step and Tone class by yourself, participated for two minutes and then really, really regretted it? Yes, us too. Doing exercise classes by yourself, particularly if you are not very co-ordinated, can make you feel very awkward and embarrassed, especially if you get stuck with that dreaded spot at the front of the class. But, if you go with a group of friends, even if you look silly trying to keep up with the instructor, at least you have someone to laugh with.