5 products to organise your life

20 April 2017 by
First published: 31 December 2016

Ready for a fresh start? Here are 5 products to organise your life

There’s no better time than the New Year to get organised. Your resolutions are in place, you’ve started a clean slate and a whole new year lies ahead of you. It’s the ultimate time to take control, and where better to start than with your work space? The quickest way to an organised mind, we’re sure we’re not the only ones who become infinitely more productive when our desk is tidy, our files are stored and our stationery is pretty. A tidy life, after all, does equal a tidy mind.

Stylish storage

Let’s face it: if your workspace is cluttered, it’s hard to feel organised. Rather than banishing everything to messy drawers and trays, make your work space tidy and stylish with this Raindrops Desk Filing Unit from Paperchase. With eight compartments in varying sizes, you can arrange all of your pens, papers and other stationery essentials with ease and rest assured you’ll be able to find them again just as quickly.
£12, paperchase.co.uk

Lists 101
Nothing screams organisation more than a list. Whether you make them to prioritise your tasks, ensure you’ve remembered everything or simply to have the satisfaction of ticking off items, most of us write lists every single day. But they needn’t only have a home in the office. ‘The 52 Lists Project’ by Moorea Seal takes inspiration from journaling to encourage self-expression and self-development. The book provides a list title for every week centring around self-exploration, with prompts such as ‘list the things you would change in your life right now if you could’. Giving the humble list a whole new meaning, ‘The 52 Lists Project’ will help you organise your thoughts and reach your 2017 goals one week at a time.
£12, libertylondon.com

Print perfect

Extending its iconic prints from wallpaper to homeware, House of Hackney’s Artemis & Hyacinth & Stripe A3 Notebooks make writing a pleasure. As part of the House of Hackney x William Morris collection, the prints pay homage to the designer’s psychedelic and non-conformist prints he became famous for. With a distinct Victorian feel, the painterly palette will transform any desktop.
£16 for set of three, houseofhackney.com

File away
As you enter adult life, paper just seems to stack up. From bank details to tax documents, bills  and work files, they all need to be stored securely. Cue the Paperchase Arcatia Ring Binder, which ticks all the boxes and some. With a fabric cover printed with a gold-foil floral design and a bright purple lining, the A4 ring binder provides the perfect home for all your personal paperwork.
£5, paperchase.co.uk

So visionary 

Sometimes it helps to have a visual representation of your ideas to bring them to fruition. Sure, you could write a list or jot down notes, but what if you could see it all laid out in front of you? Whether you’re looking for inspiration, clarity or order, a vision board is a fantastic creative tool to bring your goals, dreams or inspirations together. This Vision Board from Kikki-k is our favourite, not least because it also offers a multitude of Vision Board Kits to get you started. Add quote cards, clippings, photos and other visuals to bring your imagination to life, hang it on the wall and become inspired every time you see it.
£24, kikki-k.com