5 of the best summer bike rides

20 April 2017 by
First published: 12 July 2016

Saddle up and try out 5 of the best summer bike rides – as a bike ride makes for one of the most fun outdoor activities. With the longer evenings, you can make the most of your bike rides without worrying about it getting too dark, or having to cut it short for the day. Plus, it can be a great group activity, a fun way to bond, and an alternative way to get exercise without you even knowing. If you’re looking to go on a bike ride this summer, check out the best routes for you to get on your bike and make the most out of your summer.


Box Hill, Surrey

Also known as the ‘Zig Zag’ trail, this is best known for being the 2012 Olympic route. But don’t let that intimidate you. Anyone can ride it, but this all depends on your approach. With an average gradient of 4 per cent, you can either take your time with an aim of getting to the top but stopping to see the scenery (particularly the beautiful view from the hilltop), or if you’re feeling energetic and want to challenge your fitness, power through.


Plymbridge Woods, Devon

Plymbridge Woods is an ideal trail for a family cycle, or for beginners. Following the route of an old railway track, it’s has a varied habitat, riverside, woodland and a wilderness, making it an ideal trail to explore while on your bike. The perfect time to go is in the summer, as you’ll be able to admire the wildlife. Plymbridge woods is home to a host of bird species – such as the grey wagtail, heron and kingfisher – and if you go cycling early in the summer, peregrine falcons can be spotted.


Kinder, Edale and Dark Peak, Derbyshire

Here’s a tough bike ride. This one is said to be hard, but has some of the best views in the UK. With a trail that’s four hours long, you may want to prepare, however, if you’re really trying to push your fitness levels – go for it! Or if you’re looking for real adventure, this is one location to hit. Your body may feel the effects of the ride, but you’ll wake up the next day appreciating how you challenged your body.


Tamsin Trail Richmond Park, London

If you live close to the city, you might feel that there aren’t many traffic-free routes you can take, but, Richmond Park is a great location for a bike ride. It may not be the ideal location for those who want a more challenging route (as the trail is shared with pedestrians and cyclists have speed limit), but it makes the perfect trail for those who are less confident on a bike, families with young children or just for a day in the park. The trail is traffic-free and will take you away from the usual buzz of south London. There’s plenty of wildlife, so you might be able to spot a deer or parakeet while on the pedal. Stop for an ice-cream to cool off, and don’t forget to stop at King Henry’s Mound where you can get some of the best views of London.


Tudor Trail, Kent

Take a ride through the Garden of England and explore part of England’s heritage. While some of the routes have been more about scenery, the Tudor trail will get you seeing some of the most important years of British history, including the 11th century Tonbridge Castle. An ideal family cycle or even a romantic one, as you’ll be able to pedal through the country lanes and see beautiful landscapes. If you’re on a weekend break or just in the mood for exploring some history, then this might be the ride for you.