5 of London’s best lunchtime runs

9 August 2017 by
First published: 8 May 2017

A midday run is the perfect way to work up a sweat, releasing your body and mind from the stress of office life, which is why we’ve put together 5 of London’s best lunchtime runs.

Exercising is known for improving your mood by releasing endorphins, our feel-good hormones. A lunchtime workout could be the ideal solution for getting you through a long day at work without feeling miserable. Not to mention, it will burn calories, build your fitness and fire up your metabolism. And after this year’s London Marathon, and The Color Run UK coming up in June, we’re feeling inspired to put on our running shoes. These five runs are short and scenic, with a range of difficulty levels – go, enjoy!

Hampstead Heath

A run through Hampstead Heath will challenge you with woodlands and dirt paths, as well as easier moments on flat pavement. It also features Parliament Hill where you can see stunning views of London, as long as you’re willing to face the climb or even do some hill sprints. A quick 5.8km round here will refresh your mind and torch calories.

Victoria Park

Vicky Park provides you with evenly paved paths to run around, as well plenty of greenery and a canal running alongside it. This is a busy park with many lunchtime runners and dog walkers taking a break from their computer screens to enjoy the outside air. A pleasant and peaceful run away from the busy streets.

Two Bridges

London’s Golden Jubilee and Millennium footbridges provide an ideal route for a riverside run. From the northern end of either of the Golden Jubilee Bridges (they sit either side of the Hungerford railway bridge), cross over to the South Bank and run east until you reach the Tate Modern. Take the Millennium Bridge back over to the north side of the river and follow the Thames Path back to your starting point. A busy but short run.

Greenwich Park

The route of the Color Run, this gets your heart racing and sweat dripping. Do hill sprints with your colleagues as you tackle the mighty incline up to Greenwich Observatory, before heading down again and enjoying a lap or two of the flat park to finish off. This run is great for more of an intense workout.

Euston – King’s Cross canal

A flexible north London run that is ideal for those based near Camden Town, Euston, King’s Cross or Angel. Runners can start at Camden and head east towards King’s Cross for a quick lunchtime jog. If you want to extend your run and challenge yourself, why not head all the way to Angel and back again? If your office is located near Granary Square, take advantage of the water fountains during the summer months and cool off.