4 matcha teas you should be trying

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First published: 4 May 2015
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For those of you keen to pack even more antioxidants into your diet, we’ve picked the 4 matcha teas you should be trying.

Matcha is the new craze that’s flown over from Japan and is taking the UK by storm. Health-conscious tea drinkers are going crazy over it, and it’s not hard to see why. Green tea lovers will love the distinct, intense taste and vibrant green colour, but if that’s not your thing, it can also be added to coffee or even used in baking to make sure you get your fill. With its amazing health benefits and incredible versatility, matcha is a must for super-foodies.

It contains more antioxidants than standard green tea, helps prevent skin damage from UV rays and pollution, AND can help fight cancer. On top of this, matcha can also boost your metabolism – which as we all know helps burn unwanted fat – and contains energy-boosting amino acids. Japanese monks drink matcha during meditation as it provides the energy to focus, but unlike caffeine also promotes brain focus and inner calm.

Or for those early meetings or morning runs, combining matcha with your favourite coffee allows its energy-inducing amino acids to work with caffeine, providing that extra boost. To make your superfood latte, simply take a teaspoon of matcha, whisk it together with milk, and add to your morning coffee. Simple!

If coffee just isn’t your thing, you can add matcha to just about anything to spice up everyday recipes and get your fill of antioxidants. Check out Matcha Tea Factory for recipes on how to make matcha smoothies, cookies, savoury sauces and even cocktails for an after-dinner boost.

Alternatively, drink it on its own during a detox to allow its chlorophyll to cleanse your system the natural way.

Matcha made in heaven


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This finely ground powder delivers a delicious, frothy drink that is authentic and easy to make. It comes as a powder so can be added to anything, and Tombo also sells matcha specifically for baking and a latte mix.

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