What to eat around your workouts

20 April 2017 by
First published: 26 June 2016

Ever wonder what to eat around your workouts? Here’s a rundown of the best pre- and post- workout foods. As food is the ultimate gym buddy. Eating smart both before and after a workout fuels your body with a spectrum of nutrients needed to help you get the most out of the gym.

When it comes to getting supercharged for a workout, carbs are the way forward, and in order to maximise your exercise potential you should throw a combo of complex and simple carbs into the mix and aim to eat around 45 minutes before you hit the gym. This will give you the push you need to get started along with a slow release of energy throughout your routine.

Post-exercise your body is screaming out for replenishment. Your muscles need to recover, electrolyte levels need to be restored and you’ll be craving an energy pick-me-up asap. Check out our top pre- and post- workout snacks to get the most out of every session.


Before working out, eat:

1 Banana on toast

A piece of wholemeal toast topped with almond butter and a chopped banana provides a good mix of fast and slow-release carbs. For an added bonus, bananas also contain the electrolyte potassium, which needs to be replenished after sweating.


2 Yoghurt and trail mix

When you’re looking for a quick yet effective snack, Greek yoghurt teamed with a handful of trail mix fits the bill. Trail mix made up of raw nuts helps to keep blood sugar levels balanced throughout your workout, while dried fruit provides a fast energy boost. Factor a small pot of plain Greek yoghurt into the equation and you have a snack that’s perfectly balanced and light on the digestive system.


3 Fruit smoothie

When you’re in a hurry, a fruit smoothie is the ultimate in convenience. Smoothies take literally minutes to put together and offer a whole heap of nutrients in one go. Whizz together a cup of coconut water (great for replenishing depleted electrolyte levels), half a banana, a couple of strawberries and 2tbsp of ground oats for a great tasting snack with loads of workout benefits.


 After working out, eat:

1 Chicken and steamed veg

Protein is your body’s best friend after a workout, but if you’re bored of chugging back workout shakes which can often leave you feeling bloated and heavy, fuel up with a healthy piece of chicken and steamed vegetables to push your body into recovery mode.


2 Baked sweet potato and tuna

Sweet potato crams in complex carbs and helps to restore glycogen levels, which need to be restored after a workout, while tuna provides a good protein hit after an intense session. Simple yet effective!


3 Chocolate milk

The nation’s favourite sweet treat is also a fantastic workout aid! The combination of carbs, protein, sugar and water helps to replenish fluid levels, provides an energy boost and helps muscles to recover faster.