Love your leftovers

20 April 2017 by
First published: 2 August 2016

Don’t waste your food – here’s how to love your leftovers!

We may live in an age where you can spot a recycling bin around every corner, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean that we’ve become any less wasteful. Sure, you may recycle your papers every now and then, but what do you do with all of your leftover food? Do you pop it back in the fridge, or are you one of the many culprits who chuck it all away? Being frugal isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Join the leftover lovers out there by following our simple tips to reduce waste!

Be smart with your food shop

It’s very easy to go a bit overboard when you’re in the middle of the supermarket surrounded by food. You bring a shopping list with all the food you need and end up with five times the amount because you just couldn’t resist adding a few extra items along the way. Be smart and don’t let that happen. So much food is wasted because you end up buying way more than you need and then just throw it all away.

Check expiry dates

This should be pretty obvious, but sometimes when you’re in a rush the expiry dates are quite easy to miss. It’s so frustrating when you’re unpacking the food in the kitchen at home and then realise that you have a day to eat an entire chicken. Make sure you check the expiry dates, including on products like certain sauces that have to be refrigerated once they’ve been opened. Expired food could lead to more waste and even a dodgy tummy if you eat it accidentally – all of which can be easily avoided.

Put products with the nearest expiry dates at the front of the fridge

A handy little trick to adopt is to place all of the food that’s going to expire sooner nearer the front of the fridge, so you don’t forget about it. No one likes to deal with mouldy food, least of all when you have no idea what it is or how long it’s been there. When you’re filling up the fridge with your new purchases, do so with this system in mind. You’ll be glad you did.

Turn excess food into leftovers

When you buy too much food or make a meal that’s way too large, it can be so much easier to just say ‘what the hell’ and throw it all away. Try to refrain from doing that. Be creative and turn your excess food into leftovers. Experiment with recipes by researching what you can do with the random bits of food left in your fridge. You’ll be surprised by the number of leftover possibilities that are out there for you to try out. You’ll be a cooking pro in no time.

Store food more efficiently

There’s finally come a time for your 90s Tetris skills to be put to great use in adulthood – by storing your food more efficiently. Fun times! In all seriousness though, making room in your cupboards by stacking and storing your bits and bobs in a more organised way can drastically reduce food waste – as you’ll actually be able to see what you already have. It may be a slightly time-consuming task but boy will it transform your kitchen when you’re finished.

Recycle any food that you throw away

If you absolutely have to throw food away, don’t just throw it in the black bin with all the rest of your rubbish. You have a recycling bin for a reason. We all have to do our part to help the environment. It may not seem like a lot, but if you picture the millions of people recycling their food waste all over the world, then you may begin to realise how big an impact recycling can have across the globe. Be a leftover lover!