Lemon fish with steamed greens

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First published: 3 September 2016

This lemon fish with steamed greens will be your new go-to dish for nights when you need a health-boosting meal. It’s a healthy lunch that’s rich in omega-3 and has good levels of magnesium – to help with stress reduction and boost your energy levels. The omegas also help with brain function and improve your mood, plus they’re great for your cardiovascular health.

The vegetation option is delicious too, especially if you add a little soy sauce when frying.

Ingredients (serves 1)

One small piece of small white fish (or 150g tofu or tempeh can be used as a vege­tarian option, fried in soy sauce)

2 or 3 broccoli florets

125g green beans

30g spinach

Olive oil

1tsp Wiley’s Lemon Peak Omega Oil

Spices: chilli, garlic, cayenne and black pepper


Lightly fry or grill 150g of white fish in a drizzle of olive oil. Always use a low heat though!

Drizzle the vegetables with the Wiley’s Wild Alaskan Fish Oil and steam.

Season with thermogenic fat burners like cayenne, chilli, garlic or black pepper.

Recipe courtesy of Wiley’s Finest

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Lemon fish with steamed greens
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